Rome, the compact center-right for Michetti: “We win”

Rome, the compact center-right for Michetti: “We win”
Rome, the compact center-right for Michetti: “We win”

A photo that extinguishes the voices of dissent born after the question of the Milanese rallies: the morning of center right, which is closing its election campaigns throughout the country, opens with an image published on social networks by Matteo Salvini.

A shot in which the Northern League leader is immortalized together with the top management of Fdi Giorgia Meloni during the Roman press conference for Enrico Michetti, candidate for mayor of the capital for the entire coalition made up of Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. The unity of purpose, in short, is revealed for the umpteenth time. On Sunday and Monday the fate for the next five years is decided for Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Trieste and the Calabria Region but not only. “Let’s win and change Italy”, wrote the former Minister of the Interior exhaustively, posting the photograph. The phase is a highlight.

During the meeting, Matteo Salvini he put some emphasis on the state of health of the city concerned and on what should be done according to his point of view: “To the mayor of Rome – he said, as retraced by Italpresswe will ask for honesty but alone it is not enough. Honesty, honesty, honesty but after 5 years of honesty we inherit wild boars, garbage and burning buses, I found neighborhoods in Rome without water. Let’s not talk about architectural barriers, I ask Michetti to set up a department for people with disabilities because Rome must be inclusive especially for the Romans “. In short, the 5 Star Movement, for the Northern League secretary, has produced a disaster in Rome, through the administrative action of the mayor Virginia Raggi. And now the city can turn. But Salvini also dwelt on a certain type of narrative that was praised at this stage:“Real life defeats fantasy, people talking about divisions …”, he added, and then turned to the Roman candidate: “Here there is someone who will be the mayor, and it is not easy”.

For its part, Giorgia Meloni wanted to close ranks, also considering the forces that are opposing Michetti’s candidacy: “Gentlemen, please, the electoral campaign ends when the polls close. We are concentrated in these hours because we have against everyone, everything and more …”, noted the former Minister of Youth, as reported by theAdnkronos. Then, as retraced by theActed, a jab to the left: “On the left who speaks of Michetti as a speck, I say not to exaggerate. Michetti has been consulted by 840 left-wing mayors, so if he’s a speck, tell us how specks are the mayors who called him for problems they didn’t know on their own solve”continues Meloni, noting the administrative experience of a member who is also a university professor.

The former president of the European Parliament was also present at the press conference Antonio Tajani, who focused on the need for positive change for Rome, as well as on the unity of the coalition: “The center-right is united and this meeting is proof of this – said the national coordinator of Forza Italia, as always told by theAdnkronos. Nobody wonders why there isn’t a press conference of Letta, Speranza and Conte together? It seems to me that the problems are mainly on the left. In Rome we want to win and change this city “. So if there is someone who experiences internal upheavals, for Tajani that someone does not reside in the center-right. Always Tajani then continued with the following: “Forza Italia wants to be the protagonist, it will be the first party in Calabria. You can’t win without Forza Italia, so here we are, we will be there and we want to be there with our ideas, our proposals. Berlusconi was its great federator, the inventor of the center-right. We do not intend to give up our role at all, because without us you cannot win. If there is no credible, serious and reliable center-right, it is difficult to govern “, he commented.

The candidate for mayor Enrico Michetti, for his part, dwelt on the “brand of greatness” that should naturally distinguish Rome. Not only that, because another urgent issue concerns the periphery: “On the outskirts there is the most fragile part of the city. We need services and security, but the first thing we will bring is technological innovation of the highest level. The united center-right starts from the suburbs. We will pick up on the categories abandoned by the government and which suffered the most during the pandemic “, the professor and administrative expert wanted to note.

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