Air continuity: still waiting for Volotea

Air continuity: still waiting for Volotea
Air continuity: still waiting for Volotea

The decision on the challenge between Ita and Volotea in the match on territorial continuity for Sardinia was expected for yesterday, but the Region has taken time. Crucial, this is what is known, could be a legal opinion that has been requested by the tender commission. And this is because there are two “stumbling blocks” to overcome: the low cost company has not indicated, in the proposals, the company name – name and type of company -. An element that, on the other hand, was qualified as fundamental in the announcement. Secondly, the other “forgetfulness”: the absence in attachment of the copy of the identity card of the manager Michele Taucer, who signed the offer.

For now, nothing is known about the videoconference that took place yesterday between Volotea’s top management and regional officials. But today a definitive answer should arrive.

It should be remembered that the carrier presented the best economic offers, with discounts of 23.5%, to manage the routes in the airports of Cagliari and Olbia and 21.5% for Alghero.


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