Inter, a record-breaking red. Antonello: ‘You count safely. Salaries and scudetto bonuses paid. The 400 million bonds … ‘| First page

Alessandro Antonello, CEO Corporate dell’Inter, speaks to Sole 24 Ore, explaining the reasons for the passive from 245.6 million of euro in the latest balance sheet: “The accounts are safe. The closure of San Siro, moreover in the year of the tricolor cavalcade, has stolen from Inter about 60 million in revenues. And another 50 have failed due to the forced renegotiation of the sponsorship contracts, especially with agencies in Asia and China, and due to the block of corporate hospitality. But beyond that, the loss is made up of several extraordinary elements that will no longer recur “.

SALARY PAID – “” What I would like to emphasize is the fact that at the end of these two years, Inter paid all salaries in full, in addition to 9 million in bonus-scudetto, and also paid the emoluments for July and August. No employee was then placed on layoffs “.

I BOND – “Between the end of November and mid-December we plan to renegotiate our bonds for an amount of 400 million. Our advisors are already at work. And the abundant liquidity circulating on the markets makes us assume that we will not have difficulty in finding good deals and good rates “.

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