Bluepoint working on the PS5 remake of a much-loved game, but it’s not Metal Gear Solid

We continue to talk about Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint Games, the Texan studio is now part of the PlayStation Studios family and we know that the team wants to go further, also giving life to original experiences after working for years only on remakes and remasters.

We know that Bluepoint Games is developing an original game for PS5, however, as reported by the insider Millie A (source who in the past has revealed several times in advance the dates of events such as State of Play and PlayStation Showcase) the studio would be working on two different projects.

The first would be a “original content“Comparable in size to Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, the latter is instead the remake of a popular and much loved game, however in the comments of the Tweet Millie A specifies like this non sia Metal Gear Solid.

It is true that Bluepoint now has a huge catalog of IPs to which access to produce remake and remastered plus therefore it is difficult to hypothesize what the game in question might be. From Ape Escape to The Legend of Dragoon, the choice is wide and it’s too early to break the balance. Bluepoint’s entry into the PlayStation studio family will allow the team to get new resources not only economic but also technical and creative.


Bluepoint working PS5 remake muchloved game Metal Gear Solid

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