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Selin in a sea of ​​trouble

Selin Atakan is back in the limelight at Love is in the air and, according to the Turkish plots, its presence in the life of Ed it will continue to cause suffering and pain. The woman had left Art Life and Istanbul after realizing that she no longer had any chance of getting back together with Serkan, who even told her clearly that he never really loved her.

At that point, Selin packed her bags and said goodbye to Bolat and the studio collaborators and left, ready to start a new life elsewhere. Eda and SerkanAt that point, they planned their wedding, but on the long-awaited day the businessman left for an urgent business trip to Italy, promising his beloved that he would be back in time to marry her. Shortly thereafter, Yidliz received news that the plane her boyfriend was traveling on had crashed.

After two months without receiving news of Serkan, Ed she then saw him reappear at Art Life hand in hand with Selin and discovered that he was saved by a miracle, but he lost his memory relating to his last year of life, so he no longer remembers her. The spoilers suggest that the landscaper will do everything to get the boy to recover his memory, but his attempts will be in vain to the point that Serkan will ask Selin to marry him.

Love is in the air, Turkish spoilers: Selin will kiss Deniz and someone will see them together

Ed, even in the face of the decision of Serkan to marry Selin, she will not give up the man she loves and ask to sea, her childhood friend, to pretend to be her boyfriend to make Bolat jealous. The girl, as revealed by the Turkish spoilers of Love is in the air, will ignore that the young man has always really been in love with her and, shortly after, sea will enter into a pact with Selin so that Eda and Serkan do not reconnect.

Over time, however, Bolat’s feelings for Yildiz will resurface and, during Atakan’s birthday party, when Ed will get lost in a violent snowfall, Serkan he will run to look for her worried. This gesture will unleash the anger of Selin who, however, will be consoled by Deniz and, on that occasion, the two will kiss.

This kiss will be taken back by someone who will send photos of the betrayal of Selin right in Serkan: how will this storyline evolve? Who will be the sender of the envelope destined for Bolat? All that remains is to follow the next episodes of Love is in the air, always and only on Channel 5 at about 16.50.

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