IPhone 13, very long delivery times: iPhone 12 still makes sense

A year spent waiting for the new smartphone range from Apple, that is iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro o iPhone 13 Pro Max, and then after a few days from the “go” to sales none of these are more available.For some it looks like a nightmare, but it is the current situation, the result of the difficulties triggered by the pandemic.

The fact is that i delivery time for an iPhone 13 they are very long, and many wonder why and if it makes sense to wait. On the last question everyone has their position and certainly cannot be resolved with advice valid for all, but i production problems Apple’s seem important judging by lead times, so it’s worth doing some ancillary evaluations and looking around. However, not everyone is willing to abandon Apple’s “fairy” ecosystem, so for these the solution is to remain within the Apple smartphone range, perhaps considering the idea of ​​buying one of last year’s models, much more available.

iPhone 13 nowhere to be found: what happens

As anticipated at the beginning, the waiting times required for an iPhone 13 in some cases are incredible. Their commercialization began on September 24, and already a week later the stocks I’m finite be on Amazon that in Apple Store. The “problem” is that they are nowhere to be found everywhere, not just in Italy.

In China, which for Apple represents the third market in the world, one of those in which the Apple would like iPhones to never be lacking, for a 512 GB iPhone 13 Pro Azzurro Sierra of 512 GB you have to wait five weeks, just one less for the American enthusiasts. In Italy it is not at all better: on the Apple Store online one of the most requested versions, iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage space, requires 4 or 5 weeks of waiting, even Amazon Italy indicates deliveries between 22 October and even on November 20.

The problem would come from new cameras introduced by Apple: the production plants – they say from Asia – operate in the negative, in the sense that they are used more than they arrive from the suppliers, so the stocks would have run out. Many of them are produced in Vietnam, one of the countries in the world most affected by Covid-19, hence the situation uncertainty it affects delivery times.

iPhone 13 unobtainable: what to do?

It is therefore not certain that the emergency will be back soon: the pandemic has taught us to make few predictions, and after all, obviously, a smartphone without cameras cannot be produced. It may therefore be worthwhile considering the iPhones 12 of 2020, children of a very current project (they are very powerful and support networks 5G, so they are future proof) e still available on Amazon (yes, but for how long?).

Last year, Apple unveiled the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro for $ 1,189, the same price a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro would have come today if only it wasn’t nowhere to be found. Today on Amazon is available iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB in Pacific Blue color a 1.049 euro. Stocks won’t last long: colors Graphite and Gold I am already exhausted.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) – blu Pacifico

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