Those on Monday, the press conference live. Di Meo: “Football will only be a pretext.” Ubaldo Pantani will imitate Professor Barbero

Those on Monday, the press conference live. Di Meo: “Football will only be a pretext.” Ubaldo Pantani will imitate Professor Barbero
Those on Monday, the press conference live. Di Meo: “Football will only be a pretext.” Ubaldo Pantani will imitate Professor Barbero

Those who football

What football becomes Those that on Mondays. With the intuitive change of location (and also of company name), from this year the Rai2 broadcast will be broadcast in prime time at the beginning of the week – from 4 October next, 9.20 pm – to tell the main current events in an ironic tone. No longer necessarily football. The conductors this morning Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu e Mia Ceran will present the new edition of the show in one Press conference which we will follow live from 12 noon. The outgoing director of Rai2 will also take part in the meeting, Ludovico Di Meo.

12.10 – The press conference begins. Luca Bizzarri absent for “strictly personal” reasons.

12.11 – The director Ludovico Di Meo: “In recent months, all entertainment programs have had a hard time. This is an old show that runs on Monday nights, I’m curious to see the impact. Football is now a pretext, this is a pure entertainment program. It is a new but old program. Then in the early evening different things will be done. We are serializing a program, it is something we look forward to with curiosity. This is a very strong brand and in my opinion it will remain, becoming like UnoMattina, like these river programs, long-lived “.

ore 12.14 – Fabio Di Iorio presents the full cast. “This program will last until May. It will start in one way and arrive in another, we will build it week by week ”. Kessisoglu jokes with the director Di Meo, who said he was curious to see how the first and last episode will be different: “We hope that between the first and the last episode there will be many others, though”.

ore 12.17 – Mia Ceran: “Here there will be a choral speech, it is a prize to the group. The alchemy between us worked. My ambition is to try to convey an atmosphere of fun that makes the viewer stop. Football is the splendid pretext, as in recent years. It will remain to the extent that it will allow us to talk about many other things. We will have much more attention for a topicality than it needs to be lightened. You all heard… they told us that we will have more than 30 episodes to do it ”.

0re 12.19 – Kessisoglu: “We will gradually build this path. On the comic and current events front, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan it awakened old memories in me and Luca ”. Di Iorio explains that it will be a fluid, “jazz” program. In the first part the starting point will be news, then there will be football.

12.23 pm – The journalists’ questions start. By Meo on the difficulty of making entertainment at this stage. “Let’s try to make shorter first evenings to avoid stretches until midnight. There was a period in which gossip went a lot, then the crime news, today the fiction. You go to periods… But strong, classic programs are always good. Here we have a lot of professionals, the effort is there and you need to have some time. We understand that comedy programs are liked, maybe we really need them. Broad-definition entertainment fails. Lundini is good but he did some small numbers, we try, we experiment … Fiction and some sport told fly “.

12.28 – Kessisoglu does not accept the provocation on Dazn. “When I can, I see it …”.

ore 12.29 – Enrico Lucci: “My role? Since we are still experimenting it is not clear. The role is always the same, I will try to tell things by entering through the window rather than the door. We will go on the news, even if on Monday I don’t know how many things will happen. We will do direct or services. We will talk about current events on the contrary, which at times is more true ”.

12.31 – Melissa Greta Marchetto: “I’ll take care of the musical part”. Brenda Lodigiani jokes: “You can confirm that the program will also talk about sport. I will be ‘karatekata’ and other characters will return ”. Barbara Foria: “For me it is the second year with this group, I share the words of Mia. There is a lot of creativity. I will propose some characters with great news ”.

12.34 – Kessisoglu: “We will have a new band, with five experienced musicians”. Ceran calls Ubaldo Pantani, which is not subtracted. “My old characters will come back, who grow old with me. Lighthouse among the new characters Professor Barbero, which will tell the story in its own way. We will continue with disclosure of a certain level ”.

12.38 – Kessisoglu again: “Current events are inspiring us, there will be rediscoveries on our part. For example, Bassetti’s imitation will return. In fact, he wrote me the real one yesterday and he was terrified that I wouldn’t imitate him anymore. He says he likes imitation more than himself. What is politically correct and cannot be said have become an element and we are also thinking about this… ”.

12.40 pm – Ludovico Di Meo answers a question about the program target: “14-89, I would say. It is a program for everyone ”.

12.42 – Again Di Meo on Rai2 which he directs: “We took office five days before the lockdown. Those were difficult years. Many things worked, Brignano went well, we launched Lundini. Losing programs like Beijing and Made in the South for non-network reasons wasn’t easy. The Olympics have taught us that sport can be told. This is an experimental network in which there is everything from information to sport to fiction. In daytime we created a new appointment with Ore14. The Beasts of Fagnani and Ti Feel of Diaco are fine. Rai2 does everything that others don’t, we experiment with short slots. La Caserma will return, Brignano will be there. This network turns 60 on November 4th, we will celebrate them I don’t know how, because there are also budget problems. But we will celebrate. We will then use Sunday afternoon to host documentaries, I think the space will be called Mompracem ”.

12.47 – Kessisoglu: “It was very difficult to go on the air without an audience but the three of us were trying to imagine the comic times. It’s not easy, but we learned something there too. The brand is historic, but it is always a shift… But I’m confident, the team works. The path is long and we will experiment, I see it as an upgrade “.

12.49 – The press conference ends

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