Ilary Blasi goes haywire


The actor pronounces the name of Deborah Iurato and Totti’s wife has a blackout

Published on 1 October 2021

Ilary Blasi in trouble at Star in the Star., during the episode aired on September 30, 2021 What embarrassed her in a completely unconscious way was Claudio Amendola, juror of the program together with Andrea Pucci and Marcella Bella. After the exhibition of the mask of Lady Gaga, the three ‘examiners’ called to give an opinion and guess who is behind the disguises have tried to trace the identity of the woman who is wearing the role of the New Yorker on the show. Well, Amendola, with the help that has revealed that the artist is an islander, has ventured the name of Deborah Iurato sending Francesco Totti’s wife haywire, who had a reaction that clearly hinted that she didn’t have the faintest idea who she was talking about.

“Deborah Iurato?“, Asked Amendola, turning to Blasi who rolled her eyes, replying with a bewilderment: “Come?”. A few seconds of embarrassment that Marcella Bella tried to solve, who tried to intervene to lift the Roman presenter. But in turn she ran into a qui pro quo. “Claudio, you can’t ask Lady Gaga a question, you can’t answer“Said the Green Mountains singer. At that point the actor made it clear that the question had been asked to Ilary. “I have the cosmic emptiness”, was quick to say ‘lady Totti’ in reference to the identity of Lady Gaga’s mask. In reality, the cosmic void also had it on Deborah Iurato. The fact was promptly noticed by several viewers who on Twitter have taken steps to point out the story, sneering.

Who is Deborah Iurato, the singer-songwriter who blossomed into Amici di Maria De Filippi

Deborah Iurato was born in Ragusa on November 21, 1991 and achieved popularity and success during the thirteenth edition of the talent show Friends of Maria De Filippi, in which he triumphed in 2014. In the same period he debuted with his first EP, also titled Deborah Iurato which conquered the second position of the Italian album chart, as well as being certified platinum by the FIMI for over 50,000 copies sold.

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