Italy beats England even in cricket! Historic victory, it hadn’t happened for 23 years

Incredible feat of the Italian cricket team who beat the English masters at the European Championships that are taking place in Malaga. A real undertaking, expected for 23 years, which relaunches the blue colors and which once again brings England back into the sporting nightmare of always losing against us.

Italy still beats England to the Europeans but this time football has nothing to do with it. This is theEuropean Championship T10 di cricket which is taking place in Malaga. It is not worth the title but it is still an epochal success because the Azzurri had not celebrated for 23 years against the English masters and Wednesday was the second ever victory against the Three Lions.

A historic victory, which comes after four consecutive defeats, accumulated in just two days of the tournament and which once again reaffirmed the English “curse” against Italy that began this summer with the European Football Championships won at Wembley by the Mancini national team. and continued with the Tokyo Olympics and the 4 × 100 photofinish feat with Jacobs and Tortu in the team. Now cricket is also being put to damn England, which has always been a teacher in this sport and a country where this discipline was born 300 years ago.

Our national team prevailed with a score of 90/4 for six wickets over the opponents, at an altitude of 87/6, driven by an excellent performance by Baljit Singh, the blue captain who scored 43 points not out with 6 boundaries and graduating man of the match. A success that saw at the end of the match authentic scenes of celebration among the Azzurri who thus won their first success, then immediately repeated with the victory against Finland.

The cricket European Championships in Malaga are in full swing. After a difficult and contracted start, the Italian national team seems to have finally unlocked itself and is back in the running. Four defeats, two victories and now there will be two more games against the Czech Republic and Germany included in the same blue group (C). Up for grabs is access to the final four but the calculations can wait: today is the time to celebrate a historic success, expected 23 years and which has plunged England back into the sporting nightmare every time it crosses our colors.


Italy beats England cricket Historic victory hadnt happened years

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