Traveling and renting a car: the most beautiful journeys between Italy, France and the United States | Milan

Traveling and renting a car: the most beautiful journeys between Italy, France and the United States | Milan
Traveling and renting a car: the most beautiful journeys between Italy, France and the United States | Milan

The best way to get to know a city is to travel by renting a car. In this way you will not have to wait for public transport, and you will be able to enjoy a rare freedom of movement. By renting a car you can travel around Italy, with its incredible mix of art, history, culture (on there is a list of the 15 places in Italy most loved by photographers and travel bloggers). With ease you can reach places known for their food and wine, natural landscapes, up to the most famous metropolitan cities, such as Milan, Rome, and the most romantic ones such as Venice, Florence. The road network offers the possibility of using toll free motorways, or free regional and municipal state roads for shorter connections. If you are traveling on the motorway you can opt for a quick and cheap snack at the various rest areas. Leaving the motorway, there is no shortage of places where you can enjoy a typical meal.

Traveling by car in the United States

If you are traveling to the United States by renting a car, you should know that there are nine time zones. Moving from west to east, you go from the standard Chamorro to the East (EAST). There are fifty states of American states, and to start you can opt for the Badlands Loop, which is located in the South Dakota National Park: it is about thirty miles long and showcases the beautiful views of spiers, canyons, streaked rock faces and lush grasslands. , with the possibility of camping in the area. For a much longer journey – over 280 miles – is the Zydeco-Cajun Prairie Scenic Byway in Louisiana: from French-speaking Cajuns to vast prairies. The East Narragansett Bay route from East Providence to Newport is thirty miles long, with plenty of stopovers: you can take walks in Bristol’s Colt State Park, or spend days on the farm in the Coggeshall Farm Museum.

For the food and wine aspect, being a nation with many races that have settled here over the centuries, there are customs and traditions that have been provided by almost all regions of the world. Classic American food includes apple pie, which is a cultural icon. For meat, hotdogs and hamburgers can’t be missing – even if they came from Germany before being adopted by America. Italian immigrants brought the pizza to the United States, which then changed from Chicago – where it has a much thicker base – to New York – with the base thin enough to fold.

Traveling by car in France

France is a rich and vibrant country that can be easily explored by car. With a car you can take advantage of the beautiful countryside, and then enter the cities. To the south-east you can admire the majesty of Montgenevre or the French Alps, on the coast of Normandy rise the white cliffs that form the backdrop to the famous beaches. The spectacle of Mont Saint-Michel is unparalleled: a church and a village that only emerges in certain periods of the year. With a satellite navigator you can travel all the roads with ease, while enjoying the views without worrying about getting lost. French cuisine is refined and popular at the same time: from snails to frogs’ legs, from Cuisses de Grenouille to excellent bread and wine, combined with cheeses. How not to opt for a freshly baked hot baguette, with cheese, butter, pate or foie gras?

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