“But the Moroccan who asked for alms drowned?” – Corriere.it

“But the Moroccan who asked for alms drowned?” – Corriere.it
“But the Moroccan who asked for alms drowned?” – Corriere.it

If Youns El Boussettaoui had not died on July 20, killed by the bullet from the gun of the then councilor Massimo Adriatici, surely the conversation inside the junta chat, on WhatsApp, would have ended up in oblivion like many others. Instead the “mole” strikes again, and other messages embarrass the municipal administration of Voghera. The last screen was released this morning (Tuesday 28 September) and dates back to 12 March. The mayor Paola Garlaschelli speaks in the first person. “But in all this is the Moroccan who asked for alms drowned?” Is his message. It does not specify whether it was really El Boussettaoui, or another subject.

Photos and smileys

Laughter follows a photo, not visible, of a place in the city in the province of Pavia defined as «the temple of cavalry, where they go to camp there», a comment by Adriatici who ironically proposes to «remove the bench» and then that of Giancarlo Gabba. “Unfortunately, our brigade is no longer enough! It takes much more! », With the sketch of a bomb. It looks like a chat of old friends a little high, instead it is the private one of the mayor and councilors, and in the sequences made public there are no signs of reproach. Two weeks ago the screen “leak” began, which looks like an internal revenge. In the same Whatsapp group, one sentence in particular had ended up on the city’s Facebook pages, causing discussion. “Until we start shooting, it will get worse and worse”, again referring to the management of public order in the center.


The author is still Giancarlo Gabba

. Mayor Garlaschelli had called that comment “reprehensible” in a statement issued to the daily newspaper La Provincia Pavese. But after the tugging of the ears, Gabba remained in his place. And these sentences, written with a light heart thinking that no one else would ever read them, testify to an atmosphere of tension even before the crime in Piazza Meardi.

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28 September 2021 | 15:15



Moroccan asked alms drowned Corriereit

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