Fedez investigated in Rome for aggravated defamation: he quoted Pietro Maso in a song

Fedez investigated in Rome for aggravated defamation: he quoted Pietro Maso in a song
Fedez investigated in Rome for aggravated defamation: he quoted Pietro Maso in a song

Rapper Fedez is being investigated in Rome on charges of aggravated defamation of Pietro Maso, the man who served a sentence of over 30 years in prison for killing his parents in 1991.

The Public Prosecutor of Rome, after the complaint presented in recent weeks, proceeded to register the singer in the register of suspects. The piece “No Game-Freestyle»Published before the summer by the husband of the influencer Chiara Ferragni. The offending verse, which ended in the complaint filed in piazzale Clodio by the lawyer Alessio Pomponi, arrives at minute 1’22 ‘ from the beginning of the song. “Delicate flow, satin stones, greetings to family from Pietro Maso, life always bars you with your head held high like when a nosebleed comes out (…)», The words that triggered the reaction of Maso, who returned free in 2013 after a sentence of over 30 years in prison.

“The invitation to use a tool such as the bar refers through an allusive language to the ways in which the crime was perpetrated – it is said in the complaint that has come to the attention of the Capitoline magistrates and the preceding phrase ironizes in an unacceptable manner on the matter to my personal story “.

For Maso “the expressions used, referred to and referable in a clear, direct and explicit way to the undersigned, indicated by name and surname, appear objectively defamatory and they certainly cannot be traced back to the use of strong images belonging to the musical genre or to the artistic style of the authors, or similar personal events “.

In addition, it is added that the “freedom of expression and manifestation of one’s own thought, also and above all in the present case … cannot be determined in such a way as to damage the honor of others, since there is more than the affair that has interested, the undersigned, to date, does not assume any interest in terms of actuality and historical relevance “.

The crime of the spouses Antonio Maso and Mariarosa Tessari, which ended up with a bar and an awl, took place on the night between 17 and 18 April 1991 in the house where they lived in Montecchia di Crosara, a small town in the province of Verona. A heinous murder that characterized the crime news of the 90s. Pietro Maso, at the time of the events just 19 years old, after a few days confessed to being the author of the massacre, carried out with the help of three of his friends, Paolo Cavazza, Giorgio Carbognin and a minor, in order to appropriate his share of inheritance. Maso’s name returned to the news in July last year after the news of the Basic income perceived by him for a few months.

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