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The man, 39, union delegate, was thrown out of the company that manages the maintenance of the Florence-Pisa-Livorno: Serious image damage, mocked on Facebook. The defense: Impossible to make it straight, the asphalt deformed. The CGIL: We will sue the company

On August 30 the Pisan worker and trade union delegate will probably remember it as the worst day of his life. And that’s because this 39-year-old Pisan worker was fired on the spot for having drawn one of the road strips not in a linear fashion, in short, deformed, just as the asphalt was deformed. As reported The Tyrrhenian Sea Avr, the company that manages the road surface, signage and greenery of some areas of Pisa and also the maintenance of the Florence-Pisa-Livorno, the Gruyere highway at the center of protests and even investigations for its rough asphalt and the endless works that cause traffic jams, chaos and the risk of road accidents. Same hollows and holes which, the worker justified himself, afflicted via Manghi in Pisa and therefore it was impossible to draw a straight line despite all the good will.

The motivations

In the letter of dismissal without notice, the company motivated the provision as follows: With its conduct, carrying out the entrusted activity with negligence and carelessness – we read – (the worker) generated serious moral and material harm to the company, exposing it to contestation by the contracting authority and forcing it to carry out the work again, with a further increase in costs and times. The work was so poor that it was the subject of complaints e mockery by some users on Fb

The fury of the Filcams-Cgil union

The reasons of the worker

were not considered sufficient by the company
who formalized the dismissal procedure leaving the worker speechless and infuriating the Filcams-Cgil union which spoke of retaliation against trade unionists and workers who had participated in a mobilization to ask for an improvement in work and wages. Something already seen in the past, they tell the union. And indeed Avr was recently convicted by the Pisa labor judge for anti-union behavior. The CGIL has already announced a complaint against the company and therefore it will still be the court to decide who is right. Perhaps the only way to straighten things out once and for all.

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