Accident at work in Padua, worker falls from 5 meters and dies

September 28, 2021 5:50 pm

In Loreggia and Nichelino the impact on the ground was tremendous and for two men there was nothing to do

The accident in Padua – The man, a 52-year-old local, an employee of the Alta Padovana company specializing in the processing of metals and stainless steel, allegedly lost his balance while he was on the scaffolding and the impact on the ground left him no way out. . The area where the accident occurred was fenced off to check for any violations in terms of workplace safety.

The accident in Turin – The owner of the mechanical workshop was the man who died in the morning in an accident at work in Nichelino, in the Turin area. Leonardo Perna, 72, died after falling from a ladder two meters high. According to an initial reconstruction of what happened, he was alone at the time of the accident. The employees of a company close to the workshop in via XXV Aprile, who heard some noises, called for help.

White deaths rose to four on 28 September.


Accident work Padua worker falls meters dies

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