“We will adapt to a desk mate in quarantine, trust in Cts”

“We will adapt to a desk mate in quarantine, trust in Cts”
“We will adapt to a desk mate in quarantine, trust in Cts”

Only the desk mate in quarantine? “If this is the case, we will adapt to the instructions of the CTS. Last year we were lucky enough to have only a dozen cases a year, from kindergarten to high school, a negligible number and never the impression that the pupils did not follow the lessons if in Dad. So we do not allow ourselves to express judgments. ” He talks about it with the Adnkronos J
utta Eberl Marchetti, representative of the Governing Council of the Germanic School of Rome who, commenting on the possibility of a management of quarantines in ‘micro-bubbles’ on the German model, observes: “In Germany, every Bundesland for schools has its own rules. Italy is lucky to have one that is valid for everyone”. Therefore he adds: “In particular, for digitization, I must express a heartfelt compliment in the management of the pandemic to the Italian government, starting with the control of the Green pass: even if more staff is needed at the entrance, the app works very well”.

“In general for Europe I would hope there was a general alignment on management methods, as I see we are trying to do – he notes – In Germany, at the moment, salivary swabs are done to everyone twice a week, cases are identified at school, the situation is limited but in any case quarantine is used. However, due to federalism, education in Germany lacks a rule that is the same for everyone. In Italy, however, the rules are more linear and also simple, and this has facilitated the school management “, explains the director of Germanica Roma, who, like all international institutes in the country, complies with Italian rules as regards the health protocol. Swabs at school like in Germany? “I don’t know how useful it is to make them – she replies – It’s one more attempt, but I wouldn’t feel very calm. It would be better if they were done at home”.

(di Roberta Lanzara)


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