Covid today Emilia Romagna, the bulletin of 28 September 2021. Data and infections

Covid today Emilia Romagna, the bulletin of 28 September 2021. Data and infections
Covid today Emilia Romagna, the bulletin of 28 September 2021. Data and infections

Bologna, 28 September 2021 – The data from the Covid bulletin of today 28 September 2021: 197 new positives (against 289 the new cases registered yesterday) in our region. And so, fortunately, Emilia Romagna loses the unenviable record of infections in Italy that it had reached yesterday. The calculation of the healed (increased by +268) and gods active cases (down by 73 units). They are counted though two deaths – one in Bologna and one in Piacenza.

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The epidemic curve in Italy is still decreasing. THE there are 2,985 new cases, against the 1,772 of yesterday (a figure conditioned, as every Monday, by the few swabs) and above all the 3,377 of last Tuesday, confirming a weekly trend down by more than 15%. There are 338,425 buffers, 214,000 more than yesterday, with the positivity rate dropping from 1.4 to 0.9%, thus returning below 1 for the first time since 13 July. THE deaths are 65 (yesterday 45) for a total of 130,807 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. Still downhill i hospitalizations, with intensive care units that are 28 fewer (yesterday +5) with 19 admissions on the day, and drop to 459, while ordinary hospitalizations drop by 69 units (yesterday +52), 3,418 in all.

Coronavirus, the Emilia Romagna bulletin of 28 September 2021

its 36 thousand tampons performed (0.5%) the new positives are 197. The healed (+268), active cases decrease (-73). 96.9% of active cases are in isolation at home, with no symptoms or with mild symptoms. The average age of the new positives is 34.1 years. Unfortunately, they register two deaths: one in the province of Piacenza (a 78-year-old man), one in the province of Bologna (a 56-year-old man).

Again: the number of patients admitted to the hospital remains unchanged compared to yesterday intensive care (47); 386 those in the others Covid departments (-4).

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, 423,119 positive cases have been recorded in Emilia-Romagna out of a total of 36,024 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 0.5%. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, i deaths in the region have been 13.464.

Contagions in the Provinces

A Bologna there are 41 new cases, they follow Modena (32), Ravenna (27) e Forlì (24), then Rimini (17), Piacenza (16), Parma (14) e Reggio Emilia (12). In coda Ferrara and Cesena (both with 7 cases). No new cases found a Imola.

Since the beginning of the epidemic there have been 26,194 infections a Piacenza (+16 compared to yesterday, of which 13 symptomatic), 32,310 a Parma (+14, of which 5 symptomatic), 50,983 a Reggio Emilia (+12, of which 10 symptomatic), 71,619 a Modena (+32, of which 19 symptomatic), 88,686 a Bologna (+41, of which 34 symptomatic), 13,471 cases a Imola (no new cases, like yesterday), 25,543 a Ferrara (+7, of which 5 symptomatic), 33,352 a Ravenna (+27, of which 13 symptomatic), 18,511 a Forlì (+24, of which 20 symptomatic), 21,352 a Cesena (+7, of which 2 symptomatic) and 41,098 a Rimini (+17, of which 11 symptomatic).

The hospitalized in intensive care

On the territory, the patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 4 a Piacenza (number unchanged from yesterday); 4 a Parma (-1); 2 a Reggio Emilia (unchanged); 3 a Modena (unchanged); 16 a Bologna (unchanged); 3 a Imola (unchanged); 3 a Ferrara (-1); 2 a Ravenna (unchanged); 3 a Forlì (+1); 2 a Cesena (+1); 5 a Rimini (unchanged).

The healed

As for the overall healed people, they are 268 more compared to yesterday and reach altitude 395.787. The active cases, that is the actual patients, today are 13,868 (-73). Of these, people in isolation the house, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are 13,435 (-69) overall, 96.9% of the total number of active cases.

Vaccinations against Covid

Meanwhile, the anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues. At 3 pm, a total of 6,441,215 doses were administered; out of the total, 3,108,018 people have completed the vaccination cycle.

Control and prevention

The control and prevention activity also continues: of the newly infected, 65 are asymptomatic identified as part of the regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, among the new positives 90 were already in isolation at the time of the swab execution, 135 were identified within already known foci.

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