Efficacy of the anti Covid vaccine on cancer patients: the maxi study


A maxi study carried out on almost a thousand people affected by tumor has put pen to paper that the vaccine against the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 it works in cancer patients. To achieve strong protection, however, it takes two doses in 21 days. This is the picture that emerges from the research that has analyzed the immunological response and safety of the anti-Covid vaccine to mRna in individuals who are struggling with cancer.

The research, as reported by AdnKronos, was presented today at theSapienza University of Rome and was conducted by the Regina Elena-Sapienza Institute. The results of the study were then published in the journal ‘Clinical Cancer Research’. In total, the work carried out enrolled 816 patients.

“The response rate increased significantly from 59.8% 3 weeks after the first injection to 94.2% after the second. Evaluations are underway on the maintenance of immunoreactivity over time to define the need for the third administration in these frail patients, but the preliminary data show a significant decrease compared to healthy and a forecast of zeroing of antibodies in patients at about 9 months compared to 16. of the healthy “. Like this Francesco Cognetti, Medical Oncology Director of Regina Elena-Sapienza.

The research looked at data for 816 patients with different types of solid malignancies. In detail, 31% of these have breast cancer, 21% of the lung and 15% have melanoma. The people enrolled are all on active treatment or have undergone treatment in the 6 months prior to the anti-Covid vaccination.

“All patients received both doses of the vaccine 21 days apart – continued Cognetti -. The serological response rate and the positive titer of IgG immunoglobulins were measured at three different times: before vaccination, at 3 and 7 weeks after the first injection. The comparison group with healthy people was represented by 274 health workers, subjected to anti-Covid immunization with a full cycle ”.

“The antibody response rate – explained Cognetti – increased significantly in cancer patients from 59.8% at 21 days from the first dose up to 94.2% after 7 weeks. Instead, healthy operators showed a response rate of 93.7% already 21 days after the first dose, reaching 100% at 7 weeks “.

“All the cancer patients vaccinated – concluded the oncologist – were followed with frequent molecular swabs. Overall, only 5 cases (0.6%) of Covid infections were recorded, however asymptomatic. This confirms the very high value of vaccination in this very fragile patient population ”.

Virgil News | 09-28-2021 17:02

Photo source: ANSA

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