Abusive disco and violation of anti Covid rules: high tide closed | Cagliari

Abusive disco and violation of anti Covid rules: high tide closed | Cagliari
Abusive disco and violation of anti Covid rules: high tide closed | Cagliari

Tight checks by the Police on the Cagliari nightlife at Poetto. On the night of September 25, the Cagliari Police Headquarters set up targeted services in the area of ​​the Poetto coast, in particular the part of Quartu Sant’Elena. The agents of the Quartu SE Commissioner and the Administrative Team of the Police Headquarters carried out numerous administrative checks at the public establishments in the Poetto area, in order to verify compliance with the anti Covid legislation, as well as to contrast the cd. “hated“And related phenomena such as the sale of alcohol to minors, gatherings and fights. During the checks at public businesses, most of which were found to be in order, they were found numerous irregularities and violations within the “Alta Marea” bathhouse.

In particular, the activities of serving drinks and dancing entertainment, with the presence of about 400 patrons, without maintaining the interpersonal distance of at least one meter and, most of which, without personal protective equipment. The agents also noted theabsence of any authorization for dancing entertainments and the lack of usability of the room, the administration of alcohol to minors under the age of 18 and the administration of alcoholic beverages after three o’clock. Finally the lack of breathalyser and tables showing the symptoms related to alcohol intake.

For these irregularities, the provisional closure of five days while the owner of the public business was sanctioned for over 8,000 euros and reported to the judicial authorities for having organized dance evenings, like a discotheque with a paying ticket, in a place that is not accessible, pursuant to article 681 of the criminal code in relation to art. 80 TULPS

Other bodies were also involved in the outcome of the checks, including the Prefecture of Cagliari and the Municipality of Quartu SE, for their own decisions, which could lead to a tightening of sanctions.

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Abusive disco violation anti Covid rules high tide closed Cagliari

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