In Italy the first zero impact spirulina spaghetti – Puglia

In Italy the first zero impact spirulina spaghetti – Puglia
In Italy the first zero impact spirulina spaghetti – Puglia

Agreement between start-up Apulia Kundi and pasta producer Andriani

(ANSA) – BARI, September 28 – Andriani, a company from Gravina in Puglia specialized in the production of gluten-free pasta, and ApuliaKundi, an Apulian start-up that produces the spirulina algae defined by FAO as the “food of the future”, have signed an understanding thanks to which, among other things, spaghetti with spirulina will be produced, through a process that will save water and capture carbon dioxide by returning oxygen to the environment.

The water in which the Spirulina will be grown, in fact, will be that used for the pasta production process in the Andriani plants, recovered and purified through an oxidation plant combined with a reverse osmosis plant. Spirulina, after being harvested, will be pressed, extruded and cold dried in order to preserve its nutritional characteristics. Subsequently a part of the seaweed will be used by Andriani as an ingredient in the production of organic pasta, adding it to the naturally gluten free brown rice flour. Pasta, under the Felicia brand, will make its entry into large-scale distribution. The remaining part of Spirulina will be used by ApuliaKundi for other products including sticks and tablets that are already on the market. The initiative was presented today in Gravina in Puglia.

Considered since ancient times the “food of the gods”, spirulina is a blue-green microalgae characterized by a high nutritional value and a low environmental impact.

It has the highest content of vegetable proteins, about 60-65%, which contain all the essential amino acids and with a low calorie and cholesterol content. Furthermore, cultivating Spirulina – it was emphasized during the presentation of the initiative – does not cause pollution and contributes to the abatement of greenhouse gases by capturing carbon dioxide and returning oxygen to the air. (HANDLE).


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Italy impact spirulina spaghetti Puglia

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