quoted Pietro Maso in a song

quoted Pietro Maso in a song
quoted Pietro Maso in a song

Rapper Fedez is being investigated in Rome on charges of aggravated defamation of Pietro Maso, the man who served a sentence of over 30 years in prison for killing his parents in 1991. The registration is linked to a complaint presented in recent months by the lawyer Alessio Pomponi, defender of Maso, in relation to the text of the song “No Game-Freestyle” published last June by Fedez where reference is made to the trial of Maso.

Fedez investigated, the song

In the passage the artist mentions Maso, who was free in 2015. “Delicate flow, satin stones, greetings to the family from Pietro Maso, life always bars you with your head held high as when a nosebleed comes out”, the passage of the passage disputed by ‘lawyer. “The dramatic personal and procedural story that involved me is explicitly recalled – writes Maso in the complaint – and which, after years and after a tiring and painful personal journey I managed to overcome”.

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“Defamatory expressions”

For Maso “the expressions used, referred to and referable in a clear, direct and explicit way to the undersigned, appear objectively defamatory and certainly cannot be traced back to the use of strong images belonging to the musical genre or to the artistic style of the authors, or to personal events assimilable “. For Maso, the “freedom of expression and manifestation of one’s own thought, also and above all in the present case … cannot be determined in a way that would damage the honor of others, since there is more, than the story that involved the undersigned, today, it assumes no interest in terms of actuality and historical relevance ».

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quoted Pietro Maso song

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