Disassembled the minimum income: here are all the lies of the 5S

Disassembled the minimum income: here are all the lies of the 5S
Disassembled the minimum income: here are all the lies of the 5S

The Basic income must be changed. To say this is not only a part of the majority and the opposition, but also the Court of Auditors which in its report on the operation of employment centers in the perspective of the development of the labor market reveals the figures of the grillino subsidy.

The true numbers of income

Let’s start with the basic data: the number of grants disbursed up to October 2020: 1,368,779. Of these, only 352,068 tried the road to work after the request of the Rdc. But here comes the most interesting data: only 192,851 are still in an active employment position. In short, out of more than a million aspiring workers, only just over 100 thousand have maintained their jobs. Another fact to consider and reflect on: the “income geography“. 66 per cent of the checks are paid in the South and on the Islands, 14 per cent in the Center and 20 per cent in the North, as Milena Gabanelli recalls in Corriere.

The crafty and the lack of employment in the South

But it is on this fact that a bitter truth emerges written among the figures of the Court of Auditors. Well, in the South there is a “total absence of employability”, the accounting magistrates say. Translation: in the South the unemployed pocket the subsidy in a context that has very few employment opportunities. It must also be said that, as recent surveys have shown, often illegal work is added to the citizenship income which in fact totally distorts the socio-economic purpose of the measure launched by the Five Stars. But as if this picture were not enough to make changes to the norm, it is also correct to remember the numbers of the “smart ones”. About 123,697 beneficiaries have been revoked the check.

Furthermore, according to the statistics, 36 percent of those who receive income do not pay absolute poverty, while, paradoxically, 56 percent of the poor do not receive anything. There are those who object: there has been a pandemic, the procedures for employment have stopped. False. To dismantle this hoax is always the Court of Auditors which in fact affirms that the health emergence has not affected the employment centers which have guaranteed, however, the regular performance of institutional activities remotely.

The political battle

But the grillini on a possible reform of the citizenship income continue to make a wall. Just hear the words used in the election campaign by Giuseppi who is making income a workhorse in all the squares of the South: “Do they want to take away the citizenship income? They have to pass over our corpse. They have to come here and tell you in your face – ha explained – they have to tell mothers who don’t know how to feed their children, to fathers who don’t make it to the end of the month. If they want to remove the citizenship income they don’t have to say it on TV, but here in the square among us “. Forza Italia has been trying for some time to pave the way towards reform and the statements by the Minister for Regional Affairs are important in this direction, Mariastella Gelmini: “We cannot be satisfied with a bonus or a little help, young people must be enabled to show their talent and their vision of the world, in the government we will perhaps argue a bit because reviewing the citizenship income is a necessity”. The position of the Brothers of Italy, who attacked the measure with Meloni, is also very tough: “I said that the citizenship income is state methadone. I was very attacked for having said it: I repeat the citizenship income is state methadone. keeps in your condition of poverty to depend on politics. I am for the therapeutic community: I believe that citizenship income is a shame … “.

Finally, Matteo Salvini is already preparing the counter-move in Parliament to undermine the wall of “no” to the reform that comes from the grillini: “I will have the honor of affixing my first signature to a Lega amendment that guarantees an income only to those who really cannot work . Those who will benefit from the income will be the disabled, the invalids, those who assist a relative in bed 24 hours a day, but will take away incomes at random from those who have no desire to work, indeed refuse the job “. The battle is on. But in the light of the Court of Auditors’ dossier, a full review of the citizenship income is necessary. And soon …

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