Ftse Mib in red, an all-time low for the Bots

Ftse Mib in red, an all-time low for the Bots
Ftse Mib in red, an all-time low for the Bots

After the Bot auction, intraday lows for the Stock Exchange today: the only signs more on the Ftse Mib are recorded by the securities of the energy sector.

The future for December delivery on Brent crude, up by almost one percentage point to 79.47 dollars a barrel, is confirmed on maximum for three years while the Eurodollar at the start of the European session stands at 1.16774 (-0.15%).

There is not much news about the situation from China Evergrande, although the general feeling is that the behemoth it will not be allowed to collapse. The prudence of the authorities would be linked on the one hand to the weight of real estate on the Dragon economy and on the other to the need to reduce themoral hazard in the field.

Borsa Oggi, update at 1pm: Ftse Mib in red, focus on Bots

Shortly before 13 the Cac40 marks a -1.8%. the Dax -1.16% and the Ftse Mib 1.07%.

Plus sign for the BTP-Bund spread, up 2.86% to 105 basis points.

The Ministry of Economy has placed Bot at six months for 5.5 billion euros, registering a yield of -0.545%, -3 basis points compared to the previous auction and new historical low.

Eni and Tenaris confirmed positive (+ 1.59% and + 0.29%) while the tensions coming from China STMicroelectronics (-4.6%), Interpump (-3.8%) and Prysmian (-2.49%) are ballasting.

Future Wall Street: expected to open in red

The derivative on the Dow Jones registers a -0.37%, the one on the S & P500 falls by 0.81% and the future on the Nasdaq falls by 1.5%.

Update 9:25 am: Ftse Mib, energetic show your muscles

The Ftse100 at the start of the session recorded a -0.36%, the Cac40 recorded a -0.94%. the Dax a -0.7% and our Ftse Mib loses 0.34% to 26,044.26 points.

The performance of the energy sector stands out in particular in the basket of blue chips: Eni in start-up rises by 1.59%, Saipem gains 0.71% and Tenaris 0.18%.

Little move Generali (+ 0.08%). The Board of Directors would have approved by majority the procedure for the confirmation of CEO Philippe Donnet (despite the maneuvers of two heavyweights such as Leonardo Del Vecchio and Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone).

Start in strong negative territory for STMicroelectronics (-2.81%) and for the sector of public utility companies (-0.73% of Hera, -0.58% of Enel and -0.31% of Terna).

Juventus shares were also negative (-0.55%) despite the Uefa has canceled the disciplinary action started after the announcement of the Superalloy.

In the government bond sector, the BTP-Bund spread rises by one percentage point to 103 basis points. During the first part, the Ministry of Economy will auction Bot at six months for 5.5 billion euros.

Asia Stock Exchanges: Tokyo under par

The Hong Kong index, the Hang Seng, rose 1%, the China A50 scored + 0.19% and the Australian S & P / ASX 200 finished -1.47%.

The Tokyo stock exchange was below par, with the Nikkei down 0.19%.

Wall Street: Nasdaq in the red by half a percentage point

The session of the Dow Jones closed with + 0.21%, the S & P500 marked -0.28% and the Nasdaq finished trading with -0.52%.

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