Draghi, the government will nominate Rome for Expo 2030 – Politics

Draghi, the government will nominate Rome for Expo 2030 – Politics
Draghi, the government will nominate Rome for Expo 2030 – Politics

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, announced that the government will nominate Roma Capitale to host the Universal Exposition of 2030, in a letter sent to the candidates for Mayor of Roma Capitale. “This is certainly a great opportunity for the development of the city”, writes President Draghi in his letter, thanking the candidates “for the demonstration of unity in favor of our capital”.

Hosting Expo 2030 in Rome “it would mean a restart for all of Italy, with new and significant job opportunities and economic revitalization”. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Facebook after the announcement of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “This is the starting point of a new path. It is another green challenge, of urban development and economic growth for our capital, and there is a lot to do. It will be intense months and we will have to give our best to crown this. candidacy “, Di Maio underlined, inviting all institutions to work” together “.

Daje !!! Rome is officially a candidate to host the 2030 Expo. It is one of the most important international events. For Rome this is a particular source of pride because it surpasses the story of a city where things cannot be done, indeed it is the demonstration that in Rome you can do everything and even better. Thanks to Draghi and Di Maio. “So the mayor Virginia Raggi in a post on Fb.

“Today officially begins a challenging and exciting path: we have to beat the candidacies of Moscow and Busan – continues Raggi in the post – Now we have to team up. I thank the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio who believed in the solidity of the candidacy of Rome “. “This is a project that started two years ago and has become increasingly consolidated thanks to the contribution of all institutional and private actors – adds the mayor of Rome – I thank, in particular, Unindustria Roma who supported us as well as the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. It is a team victory “.

“For Italy and for Rome” Expo 2030 is “a second opportunity that we cannot miss. In the next few days I will present the project with which we want to win the edition of Expo 2030”, writes the Raggi recalling “l ‘Expo of 1942, an edition that never took place due to the Second World War “.


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Draghi government nominate Rome Expo Politics

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