discovered a new easter egg, is it a reference to PT? –

discovered a new easter egg, is it a reference to PT? –
discovered a new easter egg, is it a reference to PT? –

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available worldwide and players are (re) exploring the United States designed by Hideo Kojima. There are several new features, but one player has discovered an unannounced one: a new one easter egg which could be a reference to P.T.

As you can see below, the easter egg occurs in the Sam’s room. The character wakes up and realizes that there is someone in his shower, a strange motionless figure. By interacting, the figure begins to shake and move unnaturally, making noises that are not exactly human. The figure slams into the inner walls of the shower until it freezes and finally snaps out of the shower scaring Sam (and the player, you have been warned!). After that Sam wakes up, revealing that it is a dream.

Two things need to be noted. First of all, the footage has a filter strange. It is not about the game, but about some error / problem in the recording or conversion of the video: it is revealed by the user who shared it. This greyish filter, however, helps create a more horrifying atmosphere. Secondly, this Death Stranding Director’s Cut easter egg may not be PT related. This is just a feeling of some users. Tell us, what do you think?

Staying on the subject, we would like to point out one curiosity on Hideo Kojima: the director uses the bag as a BB and often pretends to be in Death Stranding.


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