“The Calabrians will vote for the future of the country, think carefully about it”

“The Calabrians will vote for the future of the country, think carefully about it”
“The Calabrians will vote for the future of the country, think carefully about it”

LAMEZIA TERME The hope is that the affirmation in the next regional elections, in Calabria, could represent the turning point of the region but also of the country. This is the salient point of the “Coraggio Italia” election campaign, a new political project that has already found the right ambition and dimension within the center-right.

Calabria as a political laboratory

The next 3 and 4 October will represent a turning point for our region but also for the started led by Luigi Brugnaro, today in Calabria, with the first stop in Lamezia Terme, ready to test the ground and lay the foundations of a project that will soon discover its cards in the rest of the country as well. And it is no coincidence that Coraggio Italia has decided to present itself only in Calabria, transforming our region into a sort of “political laboratory”, hoping for that “fuchsia revolution” made by women and workers.

Brugnaro: “I met a lot of friends”

Waiting for the post-election budget, for Coraggio Italia and Brugnaro it is still time to draw conclusions: «I met a lot of friends, I got to know better a territory that I only knew superficially and I loved it. The future of Calabria – explained Brugnaro – is much closer to that of the North. The Calabrians will vote for the future of the country, think carefully about it ». «Calabria will become a platform for nautical tourism, it is work and progress and also serves the north. From Genoa to Venice we must necessarily pass through Calabria ». “We became a party in two months, we asked for funding for SS106 and it happened. There are several millions who will arrive here after so many years of trying to finish this road section. Now we have to go to Anas to do a well-done project that involves private individuals. The idea is that the Calabrians return to make their region, that they become owners of their home ».

“Investing here in Calabria is therefore a national interest”

The electoral claim “If Calabria grows, Italy grows” accompanied the entire election campaign of Coraggio Italia because “Calabria – explained Brugnaro – is fundamental for the progress of the country, we came here to testify to our friendship, not we want to teach anyone anything, but we are sure that investments in the South can generate much more wealth than those in other advanced regions. Investing here in Calabria is therefore a national interest and we would like the Calabrians to understand it, we are here to be friends ». «We have excellent numbers, but it is clear that the Calabrians will decide their future with a pencil on Sunday. I am very confident, we enjoyed being together ». Then the appeal to the Calabrians: “Calabrians must not remain alone in Calabria but that they come to Rome and come to the North, we must move among decent people and there are many”.

“A sign of the union of Calabria”

And he has clear ideas about the future: “We now have a great opportunity to restart after Covid, there are many opportunities because Italy goes on with the sacrifice of so many people, of people who don’t have time to be on social media to write nonsense because he has to go to work ». “If we split up and tell each other the specific experiences we will probably be able to rebuild a united country and it would be an extraordinary signal that this union can start from Calabria”. “I tell the Calabrians: this time you can be the reference for everyone”. ([email protected])


Calabrians vote future country carefully

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