Chiara’s killer hangs himself in his cell before being interrogated

Chiara’s killer hangs himself in his cell before being interrogated
Chiara’s killer hangs himself in his cell before being interrogated

He left the scene, leaving many questions behind him. And he did so a few hours after the interrogation in which he should have explained why, less than a month ago, he killed Chiara Ugolini.

Emanuele Impellizzeri, a life punctuated by problems with justice, yesterday took his life in prison in Verona, where he was imprisoned for the murder of his neighbor. He had been transferred to Montorio from the Sollicciano prison, where he ended up 23 days ago, when the carabinieri had interrupted his escape attempt. But the killer of Catania origin, married and father of a 7-year-old girl, hanged himself at 5.30 yesterday. The 38-year-old was blocked off the road on September 6, while riding the A1 on a Yamaha R1, hoping to escape his responsibilities.

Impellizzeri, who lived and worked in a body shop in Calmasino di Bardolino, was stuck in a marriage that was ending and had a history of robbery, crimes against property and resistance to a public official, so much so that he was entrusted to social services. That damned Sunday he entered the home of 27-year-old Chiara Ugolini from the balcony. The young woman, with a great passion for volleyball, graduated a year ago in Padua in Political Science, had worked the morning shift in Garda in the clothing store of her boyfriend, Daniel Bongiovanni. Then she went home to rest for a while. She and her partner would soon move to Lazise, ​​where they were renovating an apartment.

He was worried not seeing her return for the evening shift. He tried and tried to call her, then at 8 pm he returned to their home and found her dead. Shortly before, Impellizzeri had surprised her, entering from the balcony. It is not known what went into the killer’s mind. He brutally attacked her. Chiara tried to rebel, as the scratches on his arms later proved. But the man pushed her to the ground, knocking her unconscious, made her swallow some bleach and put the rag soaked in the same liquid in her mouth, after punching her abdomen a few times. She was in her underwear and maybe that triggered a sexual flare in the killer’s mind. “I felt the urge to go into the house,” Impellizzeri told investigators who arrested him. The motive had not been fully clarified, however, and now the killer will not speak again.


Chiaras killer hangs cell interrogated

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