Alessandro Rossi, Cipriani’s boyfriend, had a flirtation with Soleil | Check the truth

Alessandro Rossi, Cipriani’s boyfriend, had a flirtation with Soleil | Check the truth
Alessandro Rossi, Cipriani’s boyfriend, had a flirtation with Soleil | Check the truth

Alessandro Rossi has recently been Francesca Cipriani’s new boyfriend. Now his better half is engaged in the new edition of Big Brother Vip 6 and rumors have begun to circulate about him regarding his alleged flirtation with Soleil. True or false?

Alessandro Rossi, Francesca Cipriani and Soleil Sorge-Altranotizia

Alessandro Rossi he is the boyfriend of Francesca Cipriani, one of the contestants of Big Brother Vip 6. These are difficult days, since his partner can only admire her on television and, knowing the duration of the entire reality show, there are not many reasons to be happy.

A story born not long ago, but which seems to be able to last a long time. Of course, for some situations that arise inside the house, a bit of natural jealousy may arise on the part of the young person, but then everything passes because there is mutual trust to cement the relationship.

Alessandro and Francesca are a “real” couple. But there are those who continued to talk about an alleged relationship between Alessandro and Soleil. What’s real?

Alessandro Rossi and his confessions

Alessandro Rossi in these days of forced loneliness, has decided to have a healthy chat on the microphones of Trends&Celebrities, broadcast on Rtl 102.5 News, conducted by Francesco Fredella e Simone Palmieri. He talked about his Francesca and Big Brother Vip, telling how he was very pleased that: “To Francesca in moments of despair they were all very close.”

But it is his story with Francesca Cipriani that arouses the greatest interest on the part of presenters and listeners, starting from the beginning of their story, that is, from the moment the two met. Here is the memory of Alessandro: “I met her at a dinner with friends. It was supposed to be a business meeting and then a beautiful love story was born from there. ” And how did he conquer it ?: “with simplicity, with tortellini, ravioli, wraps. We are foodies. “

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A chat that includes a confession that makes you understand the feelings that bind Alessandro to Francesca: “I want to build a family with her, marry her. “ In the meantime, however, the rumors about his flirtation with Soleil have continued to circulate insistently. But what did Alessandro say about it?

His answer

Alessandro Rossi has released his public declaration of love to the microphones of RTL. Words that testify to how intensely the relationship with Francesca Cipriani was experienced. But he didn’t want to back down when the topic of his alleged flirtation with Soleil was touched upon. His answer was crystal clear:

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“This is fake news. I had an email contact with her “, where the girl asked the young man: “To furnish her home in exchange for visibility on social media.” Alessandro Rossi, in fact, works for a company that deals with furnishing the homes of VIPs. Continuing his story, he then added: “It didn’t suit me at the time and I refused. There has never been any meeting, much less no flirtation. “

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