Luca Morisi, the two Romanians arrested: “He gave us the drug of rape” – Chronicle

Luca Morisi, the two Romanians arrested: “He gave us the drug of rape” – Chronicle
Luca Morisi, the two Romanians arrested: “He gave us the drug of rape” – Chronicle

Verona – Morisi case, the key word could be Ghb, the rape drug. And the scene to be clarified remains that of the party, the previous night, with four other men in the farmhouse. Because in the vial stuck in the dashboard of the two Romanians stopped at a roadblock by the carabinieri, on the evening of last August 14, there was a liquid substance, a drug that according to those arrested, was given to them by theformer spin doctor of the League, Luca Morisi. “Yes, it’s Ghb – the two immediately told the military – ed it was Morisi who gave it to us, free of charge“. Because? In any case, the analyzes in progress will confirm the chemical composition of the liquid. It happens in an isolated area of ​​Veronese near the A4 Venice-Milan motorway exit. Whether it’s Gbl, the so-called rape drug, or liquid ecstasy, or something else, the analyzes will establish it.

The reconstruction of the details on the investigation that got into trouble the media guru of Matteo Salvini, in fact, the social media manager who had invented “the Beast”, starts from that very evening and from what would have happened in the Belfiore farmhouse, in the province of Verona, where Morisi lived when he was far from his Roman business, and where everything would be started the night before, during a drug party. A little special party, in which three or four men would have participated, according to the Republic. One of about 50 years old, who had been attending the house for some time, a second of unknown identity and, in fact, the two Romanian boys, whom Morisi would have met on the Internet. According to the reconstruction of the Press, the party would have lasted even two days.

Has and suspicious movements around the farmhouse, which housed off-site workers, where Morisi’s Maserati Levante was also parked, did not escape the neighbors, who would have heard noises throughout the night. Hence the reports, which could also have a connection with the arrest of the two Romanians in a car and the discovery of the rape drug. Stopped after which the carabinieri would have gone to Morisi’s house, also finding two grams of cocaine, quantitative anyway deemed “for personal use”. All this without however excluding the thesis of the usual drug dealer for Morisi, directing the investigations towards an occasional episode, albeit still obscure in its context.

Morisi’s phones were, however, confiscated and the registration in the register of suspects is confirmed after the two young people would have indicated him as the one who would have sold them liquid drugs, even if the analyzes have not yet confirmed the contents of that bottle. Certainly the inventor of the “Beast”, the social media of the League which allowed Matteo Salvini to gather tens of thousands of followers, and votes – he was forced to leave every role in the party. “I have not committed any crime” defends the now ex guru who, however, admits: “I fell as a man”. And the leader of the Carroccio does not download it: “He made a mistake, but he can always count on me.”

The investigation, investigators and investigators say, from a judicial point of view is little. And they add, to stop rumors that were already circulating: there was no monitoring activity of Morisi’s home. “A trivial fact,” he says the prosecutor of Verona Angela Barbaglio who entered Morisi on suspicion of possession and transfer of a narcotic substance “on whose nature the outcome of the analyzes is expected”. Meanwhile, Morisi admits to having used drugs and for this he apologizes to everyone, starting with Salvini and his historic friend and business partner Andrea Paganella.

“I have not committed any crime, but the personal story that concerns me represents a serious fall as a man. It is a very painful moment of my life, it reveals unresolved existential fragilities to which I need to dedicate as much time as possible in the near future, counting on the support and affection of the people who are closest to me ». Words that the Northern League leader collects. «When a friend makes a mistake e make a mistake you don’t expecti, and Luca hurt himself more than others, first you get angry with him. But then you reach out your hand to help him get up. Friendship and loyalty are Life for me. I love you my friend, you can always count on me ».

But that is not all: “I am disgusted by the media crap which condemns people without a judge or a court to do so, before a judge proves anything ”, Salvini denounces. “I do not know the story, they are personal events,” he added, “Luca is a nice person, he’s a friend I’ve known for a lifetime “. There are journalists who slam “the monster on the front page”, Salvini complained, “if next week he comes out, as I am convinced, that Dr. Luca Morisi has not committed any crime, who will restore his dignity? Who will apologize to him? “.

But the social networks, the same ones that Morisi used – as he himself has said several times – to “amplify the Captain’s message” – they do not forgive. The Morisi hashtag has been trending in Italy all day: insults and offenses for him and his leader. Eye for an eye. There are those who put He died in place of the Tunisian from Bologna to which Salvini went to the intercom and asked ‘sorry, are you dealing?’ , and who posted his words at the end of the trial for Cucchi’s death: “he was a drug addict and it makes me sick.” Youth Minister Fabiana Dadone, government colleague: «Morisi has made digital aggression a job. I wonder if someone will intercom at Salvini’s house ».

Fedez dedicates a story to the Captain on Instagram. “He is a contemporary hero. Today he too discovers that he has had a drug addict by his side but that magically does not become a drug addict but a friend to help him get up ». There are also those who try to stand out. Matteo Renzi invites us to “be different from those who spread hatred on social media” e Lapo Elkann, another who has dealt with drugs, would like him to be spared that pillory that fell to him instead.

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