he wants to challenge the Madrid judge

After the cancellation of the measures imposed a Juventus, Barcelona e Real Madrid concerning the matter super lega, l’Uefa it went on the counterattack and issued a new communiqué. The European football organization has declared that it has always respected the order of the Court 17 of Madrid, the laws of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and Swiss laws in relation to the Superlega project. Uefa has therefore decided to challenge the judge of the Court of Madrid and to present a formal appeal to a higher court, the Provincial Court of Madrid (Court of Appeal).

The official statement of Uefa

After yesterday’s announcement about the so-called ‘Super League’ project and the respective compliance measures undertaken by UEFA, UEFA reiterates that it has always acted not only in accordance with its statutes and regulations, but also in accordance with the laws of the European Union. , of the European Convention on Human Rights and of Swiss laws in relation to the so-called Super League project. UEFA remains confident and will continue to defend its position in all relevant jurisdictions. UEFA has always acted in good faith in all ongoing proceedings before the Madrid court. As a result – and although UEFA does not recognize the jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Madrid and firmly believes that it has always acted in full compliance with the ongoing proceedings – UEFA today submitted formal observations to the Tribunal of Madrid to certify continued compliance with the orders. . Furthermore, UEFA has filed a motion to challenge the presiding judge in the current proceedings and believes that there are significant irregularities in those proceedings. In compliance with Spanish law – and in the fundamental interest of justice – UEFA expects the judge in question to step aside immediately, pending a full and adequate examination of the motion. In addition, UEFA will file a formal appeal to a higher court, the Madrid Provincial Court (Court of Appeal). UEFA will continue to take all necessary measures, in full compliance with national and European laws, to defend its interests and – above all – those of its members and all football interlocutors.“.


challenge Madrid judge

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