He died in Nassiriya at the age of 22, the state denies the severance pay to family members: “He was voluntary”

The site Honor to the Fallen recalls the story: “Matteo had served as compulsory conscription in the fire brigade. Later he enlisted in the Army, in the Serenissima Lagunari Regiment, where he had made the decision to be voluntarily sent to Nassiriya. During a clash with rebel militiamen, a mortar grenade had severely severed a femoral artery and after a desperate surgery, the young corporal expired due to the serious injuries sustained “.

As reported by The Gazzettino, the tragedy was followed by promotion to corporal major and other commendations. On 7 April 2006 the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, conferred on Vanzan ‘s memory the Cross of honor reserved for victims of acts of terrorism or hostile acts engaged in military and civilian operations abroad.

17 years later, however, mum Lucia and dad Enzo ask the INPS for the recognition of the end of service indemnity, the equivalent of the severance pay for state public employees. The Vanzan family had to take note of the rejection expressed by the Social Security Institute, which is convinced that “the soldier, who was a volunteer on a short-term basis at the time of his death, cannot be considered as the holder of an employment relationship and therefore does not have the right to disburse the TFS “.

Faced with the denial received, the family members turned to the Regional administrative court, to request the condemnation of the body supervised by the Ministry of Labor to pay the emolument, based on the law issued in the same year in which the young man disappeared. However, the judges noted that “the appeal could be inadmissible due to lack of jurisdiction”, as the jurisdiction would lie with the ordinary Court.


died Nassiriya age state denies severance pay family members voluntary

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