Italian stories, the troupe involved in the Giacomo Sartori case robbed

Misadventure for a troupe of “Italian Stories”, a program hosted by Eleonora Daniele on Rai 1. While the reporter and cameraman were busy making a report, the production car was broken into. Technological material worth 30 thousand euros was taken away.

Investigations into the death of Giacomo Sartori.

The 29-year-old computer engineer from Belluno, after the theft of his backpack suffered on the evening of Friday 17 September, in a venue in Porta Venezia in Milan, would have committed suicide at dawn on Saturday 18 September.

Giacomo Sartori’s detective story: did he really commit suicide?

At least this seems to be the hypothesis so far confirmed by the investigators, based on the first reconstructions, also referring to video footage from surveillance cameras, but there are still many doubts about the story.

In particular, it is still not clear why the young man was in the countryside between Casorate Primo and Motta Visconti, between Milan and Pavia, where he had never been before nor had any contacts.

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The first investigations confirmed that Sartori he went to the Cascina Caiella farmhouse area to find the company cell phone that had been stolen from him along with two PCs near Porta Venezia in Milan.

The boy thus traveled about thirty kilometers without money and without documents with the aim of finding the thieves.

Sartori case: the car of the troupe of “Italian Stories” was broken into

Today, Monday 27 September, a troupe of “Italian stories” conducted by Eleonora Daniele on Rai 1 reported having suffered a theft in the same field where the car of the computer scientist was found hanged from a tree.

At a distance of about a hundred meters from the place where his car was parked, the car of the troupe of Italian Stories was broken into.

It all happened in a couple of hours, the time it took the reporter to do some interviews in the surrounding area.

The correspondent said he had parked the car with his colleague in a somewhat hidden place, but it was three in the afternoon.

The damage is considerable, as revealed by the reporter: it costs around 30 thousand euros of equipment.

Unfortunately, similar episodes would have already occurred in that place, but the fact that the burglary happened during the day surprised the operators of the Rai 1.

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Hence the hypothesis that the two cases are connected.

The presenter Eleonora Daniele underlined:

“There is someone who moves about smashing a journalist’s car knowing they will not be discovered. It moves unchecked and knows how to do it ”.

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