A Vita advances, Felicia makes an irrevocable decision

A Vita advances, Felicia makes an irrevocable decision
A Vita advances, Felicia makes an irrevocable decision

The previews of the next episodes of the Spanish soap opera Una Vita – Acacias 38 make it known of an incredible decision by Felicia

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The death of Ildefonso creates great turmoil in the city and at the same time a new family arrives Acacias that will change the cards on the table. The advances of Una Vita – Acacias 38 aired from Monday to Saturday on Canale 5, as usual, they let you know that Felicia will make an irrevocable decision.

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Felicia has it to death with Anabel because she is aware of the fact that it was she who brought her son to the decision to marry. Taken by great pain, she decides to pack her bags and leave for Cantabria. However, before leaving the city he decides to sell the restaurant to the Olmedo family.

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Anticipations One Life, Marcos asks Felicia to marry him

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Felicia she is shocked by the pain, but still accepts the invitation to dinner by Marcos who, for the occasion, asks her to marry her. The restaurateur, however, rejects the proposal because she is unable to build a relationship for the moment she is experiencing and asks for comfort from Camino. Not even the Bagicalupe reacts well to rejection and asks her daughter, Anabel, to leave the Spain to go back in Mexico: the man does not want to stay a minute longer ad Acacias.

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Presto Camino will face another problem: as if that weren’t enough, in fact, Maite has disappeared. For some time now, he has no longer replied to his letters. In short, the prerequisites for attending truly exciting episodes are all there …


Vita advances Felicia irrevocable decision

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