Slivia Sardone complains that she was attacked in a Roma camp in Milan

Slivia Sardone complains that she was attacked in a Roma camp in Milan
Slivia Sardone complains that she was attacked in a Roma camp in Milan

The municipal councilor of the Lega Silvia Sardone was greeted with throwing eggs, dishes, brooms and buckets of water in the Roma camp in via Chiesa Rossa in Milan. The “welcoming” images were shared by the same policy of Palazzo Marino, which is also an MEP.

“I returned to the Roma camp of Chiesa Rossa for an inspection and although I have the right to do so, since it is a settlement on municipal land, I was physically attacked and subjected to unrepeatable sexual insults. They threw me eggs, stones, brooms, dishes, pushed several times, wet with buckets of water: if this is the model of integration of nomads dear to the left, we are really in place, “he said.

“As soon as you cross the gates of the Red Church – continues Sardone – the laws of the Italian state no longer apply, the Roma feel themselves masters of this part of the city so much so that 65% of them do not pay a cent of rents and bills; children do not they go to school and even if they are very small, they challenge the police to shout ‘shit cops’; in the vicinity of the camp there are dozens of kilos of waste disposed of illegally and with serious danger for the environment; many offenders from Campania with citizenship income and openly say who will vote for Pd and 5 Stars “.

“I can’t find half a reason – says Sardone – why this nomad camp has yet to remain open, if we also add the shootings, the scams, the robberies of couriers, the theft of agricultural vehicles: the left should open its eyes and wake up. The laws they do not exist, it is almost impossible to access even for the police as they have padlocked some gates “. So Silvia Sardone, MEP and municipal councilor of the League “.

“In all this – they say – the field is illegally enlarging: a new huge brick villa has been built on the perimeter, complete with a high fence to hide it. Before a new irregular settlement is born next to the Red Church, I advise the Municipality to come here to see for yourself what is happening. Also because, from the answers to my municipal questions, the number of families and regular pitches in this camp has always been unclear “.

“The eviction is the only viable way given the previous ones: the Roma queue up to receive social housing, if they are entitled to it, exactly like thousands of Italians and foreigners do. Are they stupid? I wrote to the Prefect of Milan to ask a meeting – Sardone closes – and tell what happened: it is inconceivable that a democratically elected municipal councilor is prevented from carrying out an inspection in a municipal area where there has been a Roma camp for years “.

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