“I thought about suicide, I resist thanks to Claudio”

September 28, 2021 10:21 am

The actress tells how she lives with interstitial cystitis, a very painful chronic disease

Farewell to the cinema: “They said I was addicted” – To help her in the darkest period, unexpectedly, was the web. “I don’t believe in social media, but the first two years I was in a chat of women suffering from this pathology. A bit like anonymous alcoholics …”, Neri said in an interview with “Corriere della Sera. “. After his farewell to the cinema, however, he found little solidarity among colleagues: “On the one hand there was disbelief, they didn’t understand how I had managed to disconnect. Others said that I was so drugged that I couldn’t stand up.”

Nothing hot and no air conditioning – After three years of ordeal, the actress managed to find a compromise with her illness: “I found a balance, which I have to defend. I began to deprive myself of the things that could trigger a reaction: air conditioning, heat, certain foods “

“The greatest pain was for my son” – The disease completely upset her life and that of her family: “I wanted to be alone, also to protect my son Rocco. In fact, I was away for three years, even though I was at home with them, and it is the most terrible thing.

The greatest pain was for my son, I wrote the book for him. “A test that put his marriage to a very severe test:” Claudio is my opposite, yet here we are still here after 25 years. If I had not had this complicity and this affection I would not have made it “.

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