in Lazio, first doses of vaccines grow with the obligation to work

in Lazio, first doses of vaccines grow with the obligation to work
in Lazio, first doses of vaccines grow with the obligation to work

The green pass effect on the administration of the first doses of the anti Covid vaccine in Lazio. After the announcement by the government that the green pass is mandatory for work, vaccinations in the Capital region have increased significantly for citizens of working age (and have decreased for the other age groups).

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From 15 October the green pass it will be mandatory for all public and private workers. A provision, the one launched by the government chaired by Mario Draghi, which causing effects, as expected, also on the bookings of anti Covid vaccinations. In Lazioin fact, after the announcement of the executive, the administration of the first doses increased by a third for citizens of working age. To obtain the green certification, remember, there are three ways: the completion of the vaccination cycle, a rapid or molecular negative swab and the successful recovery from Covid within six months.

In Lazio, one third of the first vaccine doses more after the announcement of the obligation

The government announcement on the obligation of the green pass came on 16 September last. We then analyzed the vaccination data in a previous week, from 6 to 13 September, and in a subsequent week, from 20 to 27 September. In the first week taken into consideration, the first doses carried out were 22 thousand for citizens aged 30 to 60 and 34 thousand in the second week, with an increase, therefore, of over 12 thousand. Virtually a third of the first few doses more. It is evident that this growth is due to the announcement of the government, since comparing the total number of vaccinations (including the elderly and the very young) a much smaller difference emerges, i.e. 52 thousand first doses at the beginning of September and 56 thousand at the end of September. In practice, just over 4 thousand more administrations. We remind you that currently in Lazio it is not necessary to book to carry out the immunization, but you simply need to show up with a health card in one of the vaccination hubs available.

The green pass effect on vaccines in Lazio

Analyzing the trend in the administration of the first doses in Lazio, it emerges that those for children / young people and the elderly have decreased from the beginning of September to today. Conversely, as is intuitive looking at the graphs below, those for people of working age (30-60 years) have increased and have grown sharply after the announcement of the green pass obligation. To make this comparison we have examined the weeks from 21 to 27 September, from 14 to 20, from 7 to 13 and from 31 August to 6 September.

Over 8 million and 250 thousand doses of the anti-Covid vaccine have been administered in Lazio. 82 percent of the over 12 population and 88 percent of the over 18 population have been reached. According to Councilor D’Amato, this is one of the highest coverage rates in Europe.

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