Meritocracy Italy, ‘the state gives taxpayers a break’

Meritocracy Italy, ‘the state gives taxpayers a break’
Meritocracy Italy, ‘the state gives taxpayers a break’

“From 1 September the Revenue-Collection Agency has resumed sending the tax bills. Taxpayers, already in trouble following the pandemic crisis, will soon find themselves having to face new payments and deadlines. The Revenue-Collection Agency it has already provided for special installment plans for tax bills, but that is not enough “. Meritocrazia Italia explains this in a note that “urges interventions of greater courage to give respite to citizens and not to mortify any real opportunity for recovery, by means of: installments for 120 months without stringent requirements and 180 months for suspended files from March to 31.12.2020 ; extension of the scrapping-ter for a further 5 years also for taxpayers who have already lapsed; introduction of a scrapping-quater, with a 10-year deferral, on tax bills entrusted until 31.12.2020, with elimination of penalties and interest and percentage reduction to 50% also of the taxes due, open to all companies that declare turnover up to € 10 million and to all individuals with annual incomes of less than € 50,000; application of scrapping-quater also to amicable notices issued up to 31.12.2020 ” .

And again, “total scrapping for tax bills with amounts up to 10,000 euros and entrusted by 31.12.2018 and for those with amounts up to 100,000 euros and blocking of the tax drawer for at least three years for companies that prove to have a credit not collected in excess of € 10,000 towards the public administration; when fully operational, reduction or elimination of the premiums of collection; when fully operational, reduction of penalties and of the interest rate applicable to deferred payments, especially overdue payments “.

Furthermore, explains Meritocrazia Italia, “considering that tax credits often become uncollectible due to prescription, a reform of the collection action is necessary, with the introduction of the securitization mechanism of non-performing or bad debt files to a mixed – public – company. private – with the participation of Cdp and private funds, which purchases the credits brought by the bad debts to 10%, reducing the cost of collection for the State, and which offers reductions and extensions to debtors by private negotiation, with the reduction of up to 70% of debt “.


Meritocracy Italy state taxpayers break

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