Covid, Sanofi blocks mRna vaccine production

Despite the positive results of the Phase 1-2 trial of its messenger RNA vaccine, Sanofi has decided that production will not take place. Today the company announced the data but also made it known – according to the French media – that the development of the vaccine would come too late. In addition, the French company is also working on another vaccine, more traditional than the mRna technology, in collaboration with GSK, which could instead arrive at the end of the year with the approval of the regulatory authorities.

In a note, the company explained that “initial data from phase 1-2 of the mRna vaccine showed, two weeks after a second injection, neutralizing antibody seroconversion in 91% -100% of study participants in all 3 tested dosages, “Sanofi points out. “No safety concerns have been observed and the tolerability profile is comparable to that of other Covid-19 vaccines not modified to mRna,” the company emphasizes. “We are happy to see positive initial results – says Jean-Francois Toussaint, global head of research and development, Sanofi Pasteur – We have made an impressive leap in just 17 months since we started this first mRna vaccine project. Today we have a platform. a promising mRna that we are taking to the next level of development, including the shift to technology with modified mRna and against other diseases, including influenza. ”


Covid Sanofi blocks mRna vaccine production

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