Morisi, drugs and those feasts in the farmhouse. Salvini: “Disgusted by the media crap”

Morisi, drugs and those feasts in the farmhouse. Salvini: “Disgusted by the media crap”
Morisi, drugs and those feasts in the farmhouse. Salvini: “Disgusted by the media crap”

He doesn’t mince words. “I am sorry for the media crap that condemns people before it is a judge, a court to do so”: thus the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini spoke about the investigation into the former head of his social media communication Luca Morisi, of which, however, drug-based parties come to light today in a farmhouse in Belfiore (writes Repubblica). “I do not know the story, they are personal events” he added, repeating that “Luca is a very good person, a friend”. There are journalists who slam the monster on the front page. And if next week he comes out, as I am convinced, that Dr. Luca Morisi has not committed any crime, who will restore his dignity? who will apologize to him? ».

Morisi, the farewell and the challenge of the municipal: Salvini at the mercy of the League

Luca Morisi, who is Salvini’s guru under investigation for drugs: the Beast’s “scandal” posts

“In a civilized country, before condemning someone, before shaming someone – continued the secretary of the Carroccio – one expects justice to run its course. And I give an example. For months the front pages of the newspapers talked about Russian funds, Salvini took money from Russia, scandals, wiretapping inquiries. And the result after years of infamy: zero ».

“If everyone attacks only the League – he added – we are the only ones who really bother a system that would like to bring Italy back”: “If Luca made a mistake in his private life, I’m the first to tell him ‘but what the heck did you do ? but why? however it is a private affair. I have never allowed myself to comment on the events of Grillo’s son or of Conte’s friends or of some other left-wing politician. I stop in front of the house “he concluded.

Pandemic – “Our request is to reopen everything for everyone,” Salvini then says on Telelombardia of the green light of the CTS to the capacity of 75% in theaters and cinemas. “But what scientific reasoning is 75%? why not 78.8 then? We open everything. Abroad – he recalled – they are open to full capacity ». “Violence is never justifiable, but the right to express one’s idea belongs to everyone; students, policemen, farmers, hunters – he said on the Green pass – There are about 10 million Italians who by necessity or choice do not have the Green pass, we cannot whip them, leave them at home without a salary. There are about 20,000 policemen without a Green Pass. What do we do? Shall we leave them at home? », He added, returning to ask for free tampons.

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