Conte risks M5s war and aims to arm himself with Pd – Politics

Conte risks M5s war and aims to arm himself with Pd – Politics
Conte risks M5s war and aims to arm himself with Pd – Politics

There is perhaps a reason why Giuseppe Conte will not run for the seat of Roberto Gualtieri if the dem candidate should win in Rome: that of avoiding the accusation of profiting for personal interest on the defeats of the candidates of the Movement. And again for this reason it seems that the former prime minister will choose his native Puglia to be elected to Parliament in the next legislature. In this way he will be able to go up on stage with more serenity with Enrico Letta to bless Roberto Gualtieri, in a possible joint initiative for the second round in the race for the Capitol.

The crowds gathered by Giuseppe Conte in his first electoral tour as M5s leader still give hope for a better than expected result at the polls, but the big names are well aware that not all that glitters is gold. And above all fearful that the maxim ‘full squares, empty urns’ will come true.

Yet Virginia Raggi’s hoped-for comeback chases away the ghost of a fault in the Movement, which could bury the future of Giuseppe Conte. While a negative result in Rome could open an internal fault, making the outgoing mayor rise as the new champion of the 5-star movement wing. Conte’s insistence in releasing the new M5s course from the electoral result (“I’m not a test”, he repeats daily), highlights his real urgency: to conquer the leadership of the center-left alliance, in view of the real elections, those and then the competition for the premiership candidacy is played out. A contest over which Conte is forced to guard his back from friendly fire, from a troop that wrinkles its noses and makes fun of the president’s unexpected success in the square.

‘People are going to take selfies with the former premier, but Conte will not move a vote’, says a skeptical parliamentarian who tells of how annoyed the old elect are by Conte’s constant emphasis on the new M5s course: ‘This is his craving for renouncing the ways and battles of the old Movement starts to turn the boxes around ‘. On the domestic front, on the other hand, once the electoral campaign is over, in the relationship with Raggi that ancient mistrust that had been dormant for “reason of state” could re-emerge. Also for this reason the choice of Conte for the closure of the campaign fell on the two squares, Rome and Naples, in which he hopes to obtain the best results and where his political future could also be written.

Naples could in fact prove to be the only truly successful experiment of the Pd-M5s alliance and where the Movement could be the first party while in Rome, a comeback of the 5-star candidate could take some chestnuts from the fire. It is the win-win strategy: if Raggi overcomes Gualtieri, the M5s and therefore Conte have won. If Roberto Gualtieri arrives at the ballot, Conte can claim the alliance with the Democratic Party. Giuseppe Conte’s attempt to embrace the productive north does not seem to have given the hoped-for results.

In Milan the only chance is to bring in Layla Pavone who ‘is not his candidate but of the Fatto Quotidiano’, say the evil ones. Turin is considered lost: but also Valentina Sganga, as explained in the movement, “is not ‘Contiana’ and is not supported by Chiara Appendino or Laura Castelli”, the true powers of the Movement in Piedmont.

Even in Bologna, it is said, ‘the Movement is no more. In Bologna there is only Max Bugani ‘: who, however, is among the few to have bet on an alliance with the Democratic Party. Alliance that will be relaunched by Conte after the elections, as the only way to recover in spite of the internal frond that will oppose him however he goes.

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