Scam in the bill discovered in Milan, nine cents per web page

Scam in the bill discovered in Milan, nine cents per web page
Scam in the bill discovered in Milan, nine cents per web page

New discovery in the line of investigation of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office on telephony that involved Wind in recent months with a seizure of “21 million euros of percentages of services activated fraudulently by content companies” who work for the provider. As reported today by the Corriere della Serain fact, during the investigations, a cost of nine cents was also discovered which was immediately charged even just by ‘landing’ on certain Internet pages. Cost that had a block of one euro so as not to make users suspicious in their bills.

The modus operandi

In short, it would be a further way “of tapping” money, which would add “to having for years saddled with people’s mobile phones a cloud of additional services (games, ringtones, weather, horoscopes, gossip) activated by surprise on the card. Sim of unsuspecting users “convinced by deceptive banner ads, which had involved” content companies such as Bright Moby and Yoom via the Pure Bros technology hub. ” Now, however, “the preventive seizure binds € 204,000 to Accenture’s accounts and € 109,000 to Vetrya’s accounts”. Meanwhile, “according to the data provided by WindTre to AgCom”, since they are no longer automatic, activations have collapsed.

No comment

No comments, at the moment, from Windtre, a company involved in the investigation. Internally, however, according to what is learned, the company reacted immediately, worked to collaborate with Agcom to change the rules for the entire sector and continues to collaborate with the Prosecutor’s Office. It is not excluded that the same company can take sides as an injured party.


Scam bill discovered Milan cents web page

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