theaters, cinemas and stadiums, increases capacity. Vaccine, third dose at the start for the elderly and healthcare professionals

theaters, cinemas and stadiums, increases capacity. Vaccine, third dose at the start for the elderly and healthcare professionals
theaters, cinemas and stadiums, increases capacity. Vaccine, third dose at the start for the elderly and healthcare professionals

The latest news on Covid in Italy and around the world, updates on vaccines and green passes today, Tuesday 28 September. In yesterday’s bulletin 1,772 infections and 45 deaths from Covid. The CTS has decided: ok to increase the capacity of stadiums, cinemas, theaters and museums. The Ministry: “Third dose for over 80, RSA and health guests”. Cartabellotta: “Soon to say if there will be an increase in infections after the reopening of schools”. Pfizer is studying a drug to prevent Covid-19 in families where there is a person infected with the virus.

In the world over 4.7 million deaths, over 6 billion doses administered. US President Biden received the third dose of Covid vaccine. Norway has lifted all anti-Covid restrictions thanks to the vaccine boom.

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Covid patients risk lifelong autoimmune disease, scientists: “Get vaccinated”

By comparing blood samples from hospitalized Covid patients with those from a control group, an international research team led by Stanford University scientists found that the former were four times more likely to have autoantibodies, i.e. antibodies that attack proteins and / or tissues of our organism, exchanged as enemies. In several cases the levels of these runaway immunoglobulins were comparable to those of overt autoimmune diseases.

The Order of Doctors: “The third dose is guaranteed to health workers”

“As I have always said, the data, at present, are not dramatic and therefore I understand the caution of the CTS. We have about 120-130 thousand positives every month and of these about 1,500 are health workers who become infected. Fortunately, not in a serious way but it is indicative of the risks that those who work in the field and on the front line run. So applying a graduality as a criterion for the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine is fine but it is important that this possibility is given to all health professionals “. Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo, the Federation of Medical Orders, said this to Adnkronos Salute, commenting on the circular from the Ministry of Health which establishes the priorities for the third dose and which for health workers plans to leave with the over 60s with pathologies and at a later time all the others. “An additional dose – adds Anelli – is now important on an organized level but also psychological considering what has happened in the hospitals in the past months. The established criterion is a starting point because it is clear that someone had to leave, but now we do not delay too long. with the third dose to all health professionals and maybe we start even before the end of the year “.

Deputy Commissioner Schilirò insists: “Green Pass illegitimate, I have a duty to say so”

“The Green Pass violates the articles of the first part of the Constitution. And if a law is illegitimate I have a duty to say so precisely because I am a representative of the state. I am a policewoman. I have not committed any crime”. To say this in an interview with Repubblica Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, the deputy chief of Rome who ended up at the center of the controversy after her statements from the stage of the no pass event in San Giovanni. Yesterday she went back to work at Criminalpol. “Some colleagues no longer greet me, they see me as a monster. For others I am a heroine. I don’t feel like either one or the other.” In any case, “blaming the clashes is pure science fiction”, because “I have not fostered any attitude of violence”.

Third dose of vaccine for over 80s, RSA and healthcare professionals: the new calendar of administration

It begins with the third dose – or rather booster dose – of vaccine against Covid for the over 80 and staff and guests of the RSA. In the circular of the Ministry of Health, which confirms what has already been indicated by the CTS, the new dose is also provided for health personnel, but at an unspecified later time. Despite the protests of the doctors, risk factors are inserted to access the new administration: age, department in which one works, state of health.

Telegram chat closing Enough Dictatorship, Bassetti: “Now the perpetrators should be tried”

“We hope this is just the beginning, given that it had already been closed and then reopened once. I hope that those who have committed very serious crimes on these platforms, ranging from threats to stalking to others, will be prosecuted very quickly with trials. done in a timely manner “. Infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, said in relation to Telegram’s decision to close the ‘Basta Dictatura’ group where, among others, the primary’s cell phone had been disseminated.

Sanofi blocks tests for its mRna vaccine: “Too late”

Sanofi will not go through phase 3 testing for its messenger RNA vaccine against Covid-19, the last step before commercialization, but will continue to develop the other serum against the virus. This was announced by the French pharmaceutical company. Despite the positive results of the Phase 1-2 trial of its messenger RNA vaccine, Sanofi believes the product will hit the market too late, when 12 billion doses of Covid vaccines have been produced by the end of the year.

No region in the yellow zone, since Italy could be all white again

Starting next week, Italy could all return to the white zone, including Sicily. The island already had the data to change bands last week, but a consolidation of the values ​​is expected. The green light could come from Monday 4 October or the following. In the meantime, the trend of incidence, occupancy of intensive care and of beds in the medical area is decreasing practically throughout Italy.

The Telegram Basta Dictatorship channel has been closed: it was the main chat of no vax and conspiracy theorists

The Telegram channel “Enough Dictatorship”, which now counted more than 43 thousand subscribers, was closed by the messaging service managers, who found that the terms and services of the platform were violated. In recent months, the chat had become one of the most frequented places in the conspiracy environment.

Salvini: “Now we need to reopen the discos”

“We need to get all those who can’t now go back to work”: Lega secretary Matteo Salvini told ‘Buongiorno Lombardia’ on Telelombardia, explaining that he is happy with the increase in capacity in theaters and events. But now we have to “reopen the discos too. Why will there be 40,000 spectators at the stadium tonight, while 400 people with green passes can’t go to a dance club?” he added. “Milan is one of the capitals of healthy entertainment, there are – he concluded – thousands of jobs”.

In Italy 78% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle

The Italians who have received at least one dose of the anti Covid vaccine are 44,958,914, 83.24% of the population over 12, those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 42,122,159, 77.99% of the population over 12. 53,343 people have already had the third dose, 5.73% of the population subject to the add-on / booster dose. This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06:08 today. The vaccine doses administered in Italy are 84,208,480, 88.7% of the total of those delivered, equal to 94,912,746 so far (in detail 67,308,187 Pfizer / BioNTech, 14,102,351 Moderna, 11,543,319 Vaxzevria- AstraZeneca and 1,958,889 Janssen).

The latest news on Covid in Italy and in the world today, Tuesday 28 September

Yesterday in Italy they were diagnosed 1.772 new cases of Coronavirus. I deaths from covid on the last day there were 45, for a total of 130,742 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency in Italy. These are the data that emerge from the yesterday’s bulletin, Monday 27 September, published by the Ministry of Health. On the last day, 124,077 tests were performed, including molecular and antigenic swabs with the positivity rate of 1.4%. The currently positives also decreased and are now 101,080 (-330). The total healed instead rose to 4,430,265 (+2,892). The region with the highest number of daily infections is Emilia Romagna

This is the situation region by region:

  • Lombardy: +136
  • Veneto: +181
  • Campania: +176
  • Emilia-Romagna: +289
  • Lazio: +217
  • Piedmont: +118
  • Sicily: +227
  • Tuscany: +164
  • Puglia: +57
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +16
  • Walking: +26
  • Liguria: +3
  • Abruzzo: +8
  • Calabria: +107
  • P.A. Bolzano: +5
  • Sardinia: +21
  • Umbria: +18
  • P.A. Trento: +5
  • Basilicata: +1
  • Molise: +0
  • Aosta Valley: +0

Worldwide 232,316,272 infections, 4,756,251 deaths and 6,123,229,265 vaccinated.


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