Gabriel Garko confesses: “I want a child”

After coming out during the last edition of GF Vip, Gabriel Garko is experiencing a very important love story, even if in a private way. The 49-year-old actor, talking about his future, revealed that he has a great desire, that of becoming a father one day.

Gabriel Garko is living a new life after the coming out made during the last edition of the Big Brother Vip. After false relationships with show business colleagues and cover photos for the sake of appearance only, the actor opened his heart and confessed the truth. A moment of turning point after which everything changed:

“I got used to wearing a lot masks, a little by choice, a little by constraint, but I wasn’t really comfortable in any of them. Today at 49 years old I find myself facing a total rebirth, breathing deeply ”.

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A rebirth also linked to the bond with a boy who made him smile again and with whom he is planning his future.

Gabriel Garko: desire for fatherhood

Gabriel Garko, at the age of 49 years old, is experiencing one of love stories most important by his own admission. The actor, speaking of the person next to him, had no problem with unbalancing:

“In my life I fell in love for the first time when I was very young and the story lasted 4 years. The second with Riccardo, with whom I spent 12 years. The third I hope is what I am experiencing ”.

The stability of this new love relationship and the fact of having reached a mature age have given birth to Gabriel Garko the wish of have a child, even after recently losing his father, to whom he was very attached. The actor confessed that fatherhood is one of his secret dreams:

“I am an extremely realistic person but I am a lot with my head in the air. I would like a child. I’m seriously thinking about it ”.


Gabriel Garko confesses child

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