“What do I think of you”, “Nothing to add”. Signorini interrupts them – Libero Quotidiano

“What do I think of you”, “Nothing to add”. Signorini interrupts them – Libero Quotidiano
“What do I think of you”, “Nothing to add”. Signorini interrupts them – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

September 28, 2021

The dispute is consumed live in the studies of GF VIP, the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini on Canale 5, the episode is on Monday 27 September. It had never happened that two commentators argued in this way. Adriana Volpe against Sonia Bruganelli, obviously. All because of a photo that the wife of Paolo Bonolis he published with Giancarlo Magalli (archenemy of the Fox since the time of your affairs).

Signorini presses and pushes on the subject. And he says: “Our Sonia at the restaurant in Rome, who meets you? Giancarlo Magalli. And what does she do? She takes a picture with him and posts a photo on Instagram. Magalli is the sworn enemy of Adriana Volpe who clearly does not take this post well. Bruganelli, but really with Magalli? “Adds poison.

Bonolis’s wife replies without delay: “The reality is that we went to this restaurant and there were four people, including Magalli. He told me I heard that you are a columnist with Adriana Volpe, he asked me how I was and I replied that we are very different. The evening ended like this. The picture? I told him come, let’s take a picture!, ma because we laughed and joked. I thought Adriana had a different inner strength than she has. I wrote to her on WhatsApp, I wanted to clarify privately “, explained Bruganelli.

But the Fox doesn’t fit in and hits hard: “What answer do I have to give? I have very little to add. You did it all, Sonia. Don’t turn the omelette. On that post there were people who commented saying well, that photo has a meaning. And the photo has a meaning. She can’t say that I didn’t try to be her friend, at the first meeting I asked her but why don’t you follow me on Instagram? and he answered me I have no intention of following you“, he replied.

At this point, the dispute is interrupted by Signorini. But Bruganelli reveals: “You are not my friend“(Referring to the Fox). And he adds that after they met, he never followed her on Instagram. The provocations continue between the two women. “I was light, maybe because I took a picture,” says Bruganelli. But the Fox just does not go down all this. A popcorn scene, which is not lacking.

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