Storm in Tuscany, the bite of bad weather: damage for millions and over 600 interventions

Storm in Tuscany, the bite of bad weather: damage for millions and over 600 interventions
Storm in Tuscany, the bite of bad weather: damage for millions and over 600 interventions

Florence, 28 September 2021 – Very strong gusts of wind, water bombs and hailstones of abnormal size. After the wave of bad weather that hit the Region on Sunday, Tuscany does the damage count and the governor Eugenio Giani proclaims the regional state of emergency.

The storm in Tuscany, the most affected areas

The next day in Bivigliano there is still fear

“It was a very difficult moment – said Giani – and the reportsthe damages they are coming from all over Tuscany. I had the opportunity to speak with the various mayors: in Massa and on the coast there were roofless houses, with the wind at 140 kilometers per hour. Further inside, a Vaglia and Borgo San Lorenzo, incredible hailstones fell which caused damage to cars and roofs. From a first estimate, only on public buildings and roads, there is talk of about 2 million euros in damage, to which private ones must be added. We have thus decided to proclaim a state of emergency. Now we will collect all the damage declarations presented and documented by the Municipalities and we will evaluate them based on the financial availability that will arrive from the next budget change. We will decide on the amount of the allocation in November “.

At the moment there are 72 municipalities that have already sent reports, a little from all over the region except Siena, Livorno and Grosseto. On the coast, between Massa, Carrara and the Pisan area, the wind exceeded 100 km per hour, creating very strong updrafts that swept trees, roofs and covers. On the Apuan Alps. In the Florentine area, in Mugello, hailstones the size of tennis balls damaged cars and caused injuries. By the end of the day, 450 interventions by firefighters and 200 volunteers had been registered.

Huge damage to agriculture: in addition to the destroyed crops, the problems are also felt on the farms, since the fodder collected for the winter, still placed under the tarpaulins, has been largely lost. “Throughout Italy – underline by Coldiretti – no less than 32 extreme events took place, including tornadoes, hailstorms, wind storms and water bombs. Tuscany was hit hardest, where more than half of it was concentrated. of the storms “.

“In the metropolitan city – said the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella – Mugello was the most affected: with a lot of damage to agriculture that must be quantified, 12 injured in Vaglia due to hail and 10 people evacuated”. The regional council will do its part – commented the president of the Tuscan assembly, Antonio Mazzeo – we have resources for natural disasters and we will make them available “.

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