Historic diesel crash, electric and plug-in cars sell more

Historic diesel crash, electric and plug-in cars sell more
Historic diesel crash, electric and plug-in cars sell more

the car sales in Europe they are still falling, and it is hardly a surprise. Between the chip crisis and more, registrations in August in the 26 countries amounted to just 713,714, -18% compared to 12 months earlier and -33% compared to August 2019. A massacre for which we do not see the light at the bottom at the tunnel, the worst result since 2014 but which also reserves some positive surprises.

In a landscape dotted with “-” signs, electric and plug-in hybrid cars continue to grow and last month accounted for 21% of sales (151,737 units), exceeding diesel cars by one percentage point and 10,100 units.

A historic overtaking with a relatively short run-up: in August 2019, in fact, the market saw diesel at 30% and cars “on tap” at just 3%, to then go down to 29% and 11% last year.

Incentives and more

Certainly the car incentive campaign has helped electric and plug-in hybrids in overtaking diesel but, as observed by analyst Jato Felipe Munoz, we are facing a change in the buying habits of motorists, for whom now the the offer of cars on tap is more complex than ever.

Talking about individual models the best-selling electric cars in Europe in August 2021 once again see the Volkswagen ID.3 ahead of all with 7,904 units, followed by Tesla Model 3 (7,824 and + 13% compared to 2022) and Volkswagen ID.4 (4,624).

In the rankings of plug-in hybrid cars, the Ford Kuga with 3,512 units (-26%), with Mercedes GLC (2,670 and + 177%) and BMW 3 Series (2,343, + 96%) completing the podium. A sedan, therefore, surrounded by SUVs and with only the Mercedes A-Class (2,296) and Audi A3 (1,692) to represent the world of cars without a raised trim.

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