“Hysaj’s foul on Zaniolo was a clear penalty. I don’t know why the VAR does not intervene”

“Hysaj’s foul on Zaniolo was a clear penalty. I don’t know why the VAR does not intervene”
“Hysaj’s foul on Zaniolo was a clear penalty. I don’t know why the VAR does not intervene”

The former referee Mauro Bergonzi was interviewed in the course of Sport Sound Center, within the program “Bordero”. These are his words:

With the VAR how can you not whistle that penalty on Zaniolo?
“I wasn’t lucky enough to direct with the help of the VAR and I would have liked it. That is a driving error because he was positioned very well and did not see that the Lazio player leans totally on Zaniolo and makes him fall to the ground, the action after Pedro makes the 2-0 and the VAR I don’t know why he doesn’t intervene. Whoever chews a bit of football cannot say that this is not a penalty kick ”.

Didn’t Guide have the courage to overturn the decision?
“To get to those levels you have to have the courage, perhaps he lacked the coldness to overturn a situation on the pitch because he should have canceled Pedro’s second goal and awarded a penalty kick”.

Was there the second crime story for Lucas Leiva and how different is it from Pellegrini’s?
“Pellegrini’s was excessive. Many referees this year lack experience because they are young except for some big players, for example another mistake yesterday evening is the penalty awarded to Roma because the Lazio defender does not stretch his leg to commit a foul on the Roma player “.

Can a referee grant a penalty because he is aware that the one was there before?
“This thing does not exist, refereeing a derby in Rome is very difficult. When you are on the pitch you have to decide in a split second and someone will always be dissatisfied, now there is the VAR but even so you can be wrong. This year I like the fact that there is little use of the monitor because it is only used for sensational situations and not going to Zaniolo’s penalty is a serious mistake ”.

Why can’t VAR be called upon by teams in football?
“FIFA has decided this at the moment but I believe that soon we will also introduce this rule, as we arrived at the VAR we will also arrive at that. We need to give time to these guys who appear for the first time in Serie A and must gain experience to then have a level refereeing class again ”.

Do you see a young referee right now who can reach the top?
“In this moment it is difficult to identify one because there are so many, after the stop of the national teams in November the championship comes alive and the referees become fundamental. We have to wait a little while and then we will be able to make the right considerations ”.

Was Rui Patricio from red?
“If he hadn’t scored, the red could easily have been there. He gave the yellow card because the ball entered and did very well ”.


Hysajs foul Zaniolo clear penalty dont VAR intervene

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