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The vaccine, while partly preserving from the serious consequences of the virus, is not a total shield – as some may think – from hospitalization or deaths

At the percentage level, it is much more likely to die from Covid if you are not vaccinated, but the latest data from the ISS surveillance bulletin published two days ago (25 September) certify that you can die even after a double dose of vaccine. Not only that, at an absolute level, in the last 30 days, among the over 80s, more vaccinated people (364) than unvaccinated people (338) have died. Numbers that can be explained, as mentioned, by the fact that today 91.6% of the population over 80 is vaccinated. To be even more clear: if 100% of the population were vaccinated, obviously only vaccinated people would die of Covid. But the fundamental point is represented by the fact that the vaccine, while partly preserving from the serious consequences of the virus, is not a total shield – as some may think – from hospitalization or deaths. In short, once again it must be repeated: the vaccine does not immunize. For this it is necessary to always keep the rule of spacing and wear the mask. Overall, as can be seen from the table, in the last month in Italy 509 people vaccinated with full cycle (2 + 16 + 127 + 364) and 877 people not vaccinated died.

The explanation of the Iss
” In the last 30 days, it is noted that 25% of SARS-COV-2 diagnoses, 36.2% of hospitalizations, 42.7% of ICU admissions and 47% of deaths in the over 80s occurred among those who have not received any dose of the vaccine – reads the report of the Higher Institute of Health -. It should be noted that, when vaccinations in the population reach high levels of coverage, the so-called paradox effect occurs whereby the absolute number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths can be similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated, due to the progressive decrease in number of the latter. For example, in the 80+ age group, where vaccination coverage is higher than 90%, it is observed that the number of hospitalizations among vaccinated with full cycle is equal to 1,207 and while in the unvaccinated it is lower, equal to 714. However , calculating from these data the hospitalization rate in the last 30 days, it is found that this for the unvaccinated is about nine times higher than for the full cycle vaccinated (251.8 vs 28.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 inhabitants). Analyzing in the same way the number of ICU admissions and deaths in the over 80s, it is observed that in the last 30 days the rate of ICU admissions of full-cycle vaccinated people is eleven times lower than those not vaccinated (1.4 vs 15.5 per 100,000 inhabitants) while the death rate is fourteen times higher in the unvaccinated than in the full cycle vaccinated (119.2 vs 8.7 per 100,000 inhabitants) ‘

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Issue data Covid kills vaccinated deaths month Society

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