Landini: “Minimum wage? That wages are low is clear to everyone, priority is the law on representation and stop pirate contracts”

“Today there was no talk of it”, “ask the government”. Thus Maurizio Landini on the subject of the minimum wage, speaking with journalists at the end of the meeting with the government at Palazzo Chigi. For the number one of the CGIL, who does not shy away from the questions of after the openings on the topic of recent days, the minimum wage is not exactly the priority, which instead Landini sets in “overcoming pirate contracts and in giving general validity to National Labor Contracts “. The first thing to do in the world of work? For the secretary, “there are things to do all together, so there is both the problem of preventing people from being fired who are involved in the sectors in which layoffs are unblocked that do not even have social safety nets (October 31 expires block for small businesses, ed), then there’s a problem with how you create new jobs. This – he says – explains how there is a need for reforms not only of social safety nets, but also of active policies in our country ”. But for Landini, if according to some estimates there are about 300 thousand jobs that remain empty in Italy, there is a reason. “That wages in Italy are low is clear to everyone and it is very clear. And we in the government have said that in the tax reform it is necessary to lower the taxation of employees and retirees – he explains – On the other hand, if we talk about the contractual situation, we have 900 national contracts of which a good part of these are pirated. So there is a need for a law on representation, which starts from the general validity of the National Labor Contracts which does not exist today. This would determine that at that point no one, not only could have those minimum wages, but everyone would also have the same rights regarding work: holidays, sickness, accidents, maternity. So – he concludes – a legislative measure is needed that strengthens collective bargaining and within this also addresses the issue of the protection of wages and minimum wages ”.

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