DEGREE PARTY Milan 2021 all the tips what to do and where to go

DEGREE PARTY Milan 2021 all the tips what to do and where to go
DEGREE PARTY Milan 2021 all the tips what to do and where to go

You have taken the last exam and you are finalizing the thesis. The date for the discussion has been set and, after years with my head bent over the books, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And in addition to the light, you seem to hear the sound of two glasses toasting and laughter in the background. At the end of the tunnel is your graduation party, just waiting to be organized. Are you ready to create an unforgettable party? Follow our advice and find out how to organize a graduation party perfect!

  • Are you looking for a location for yours graduation party Milan ?
  • Do you want to organize a exclusive and unique event in the capital of nightlife?
  • Are you looking for a original idea for an amazing graduation party?

To organize a special graduation party, contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions, both regarding costs andexclusivity of the venue.


Do you already have in mind where to organize your graduation party? After the guest list, it is time to choose the location, which will be double if you have decided to have two separate parties for friends and relatives. Start from the budget you have available and explore all the possibilities that this allows.


  1. Rent a local

    You can customize the party to your liking, you can hire a DJ for the music and rely on a catering to offer a rich buffet to your guests. It is a costly solution, but effective and suitable for parties with many guests.

  2. Rent a room’s private room

    If the guests are not many, you can have your party in the private space of a place open to the public. In this case the venue will take care of everything, from music to food & drink. It is not a cheap choice but it is undoubtedly comfortable!

  3. Party at the restaurant

    A perfect location during the winter season and a great way to have a single party with friends and family. If the guests are many, agree on a menu in advance so as to spend a little less and consider alternatives for allergic or intolerant people.

  4. Hotel – Rooftop

    It is now the new trend in Milan, the most exclusive parties are all held in hotels.

For suggestions and quotes:

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02 45490584


As an Event Agency, we boast consolidated partnerships and collaborations with the best locations in Milan and surroundings, a peculiarity that allows it to have a privileged channel during the negotiation phase. We will ensure that the agreed budget is respected and we will represent the sole interlocutor for those organizing the event. We quickly identify the ideal location based on the customer’s needs and support him in the inspection and in the choice of services.

Having more than 500 degree events organized, we can provide you with years of collaboration with the best Milanese locations, so we can give you useful advice and suggestions, as well as having an up-to-date overview on the management of the facilities.



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