Municipal, the most awaited test for Pd and M5S in the Naples of the maxi hole-

Municipal, the most awaited test for Pd and M5S in the Naples of the maxi hole-
Municipal, the most awaited test for Pd and M5S in the Naples of the maxi hole-
from Gian Antonio Stella

Former minister Gaetano Manfredi, supported by Pd and M5S, challenged by Catello Maresca for the center-right. The unknown factor of the former mayor and governor Antonio Bassolino

The engineer Gaetano Manfredi
, being a Neapolitan but an engineer, he does not believe in “triscaidecaphobia”. Another, in his place, would have reacted like Giovanni Leone who, having gotten into a helicopter to see the Vajont apocalypse from above, immediately stopped the pilot: “One moment: there are thirteen of us”. And there was no way to take off, they say, until those on board were reduced, with the pilot, to twelve. Not him, the former rector of Federico II and former minister of the University, specialized in “non-linear behavior of composite steel-concrete structures”, of the fear of the “number between 12 and 14” as they call it from the United States to China doesn’t care. And he waves satisfied with the beauty of thirteen lists that support him at the Municipal authorities and cover a large part of the known universe of Italian politics. From “Napoli Solidale” which represents Socialists, the Italian Left, Article 1 and in short the radical left (“Excellent candidacy”, Nicola Frantoianni immediately said) to the dissident Berlusconians of the “Azzurri per Napoli” list, organized by the former citizen coordinator of Forza Italy Stanislao Lanzotti.

Embarrassed? Zero, explained the aspiring mayor: “We have a progressive center-left coalition that looks at today’s politics, in which there is also the presence of centrist and moderate forces that make an important contribution from a programmatic point of view.” Nor have there been chants or at least grumbles of dissent (apart from those of Matteo Brambilla, engineer, from Brianza of Monza, a graduate of the Polytechnic, Neapolitan for love and leader of “Naples in movement. No alliances”) from those grillini who until a few ago they were enemies for the skin of the Cavaliere, on whom Beppe Grillo could spend whole evenings reeling off jokes, from «Psyconano» to «Testa d’asfalto». On the contrary, Giuseppe Conte, who leads the Movement today and blames himself for having chosen that minister of the University in “his” second government and for having once again identified him as the right man to bring the pentastellates to an agreement under Vesuvius and the Democrats, he comes back and comes back as soon as he has a few hours free.

In Naples, after all, there is the highest stakes in the bet on the alliance of the future between M5S and Pd. So much so that the same Conte, in agreement with Enrico Letta, immediately calmed the aspiring mayor on the most painful point, that is the immense financial hole that, if elected, he will have to manage: 2.7 billion euros. A chasm to take away sleep. Caused not only, of course, by the orange mayor Luigi de Magistris (it would be too convenient to turn all the blame on him) but by too many wicked management in the more or less recent past.

What is certain is that the air is so (apparently) favorable to Manfredi, who is even forgiven the unforgivable defect of being a Juventus player. (any Juventus comeback is mathematically impossible before Sunday’s vote) that the former rector, if he had wanted, could have made more lists. All the more in front of the fugitive of those who without blushing got off the horse no longer winning than the outgoing mayor, excuse the pun, to offer himself to the new (probable) steed. Hitches? Few. Except for the sacrosanct criticisms of his refusal to engage in public debates with his opponents. A fool. Unworthy of those who come from the university: that’s all, the comparison.

Of the orange majority that ruled the city for a decade, throwing praise and insults on controversial issues (from the broken promises on the “differentiated” to the tourist revival thanks to the invisa America’s Cup up to the “Lungomare liberato”), only the candidacy for mayor of Alessandra Clemente. Do you remember? She is the little daughter of Silvia Ruotolo, killed in the spring of ’97 in a shooting under the house between Camorra, and then wrote a beautiful theme where he spoke of Naples as a city that walks strange “like a shrimp”. Grown up, graduated in law, she returned 7 years ago from New York for the love of the city, to show that she “knew how to face the strain of her own history” and because de Magistris wanted to entrust her with the youth department. Today she tries to “travel alone” with the civic movements, Demas and other leftist lists, but perhaps a little disappointed by “Gigino”, too busy getting elected in Calabria to give her a hand (assuming it was needed) in what was his “art”: electoral propaganda.

Propaganda that does not seem, on the contrary, the art of Catello Maresca, the magistrate for years at the Dia, sworn enemy of the Camorra, hypothesized as an opponent of De Luca in the last Regionals, contested for the “political” fervor cultivated before going to expectation, suggested as a unitary mayor by Mara Carfagna, Maresca seemed to have started off on the right foot. Suffice it to re-read Matteo Salvini: «It is a great opportunity that starts from the bottom. The center-right must not let it escape ». Less convinced Giorgia Meloni, who focused on the son of the former governor Antonio Rastrelli. Smash, negotiations, agreement. At that point, however, there was trouble. Starting with the tragicomic soap opera of the lists. One mistake after another up to the exclusion of 4 lists: two civics of the same Maresca, “Prima Napoli” connected to the League of Salvini and the “Movimento quattro paampe-Animal rights party”. The reasons of the TAR and the Council of State: they were full of errors. “It is vulnus for democracy,” the judge on leave immediately vented. The response of the Council of State is obvious and immediate: a very hard blow. Meanwhile Salvini and Meloni have decided to campaign elsewhere. Annoying, sharing a probable defeat.

And so, in the chaos of the hostile front to Manfredi, the name of the best known of all the candidates continued to grow and grow.. That of Antonio Bassolino. Who, fresh from 19 sentences in favor of 19 trials, overcome by taking the whim of giving up the prescriptions to aim for full acquittal, says he still waits from what had always been his party (“I was 6 years old and lived in a Afragola palace, where there was the Gramsci section of the PCI. On the day of Stalin’s death the wives of the laborers arrived all dressed in black, with flowers and candles: they wept for hours, as in a wake … “) one word of apology: «It was a mistake not to add to the“ trust in the judiciary ”, the“ trust in Bassolino ”». Don’t scream. It does not elbow. He does not give up on a meeting. Wait up. The others are also waiting: how will it go?

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